Reasons why you should join the / r / ethtrader community with Donut

By cryptage9 | hive | 23 Sep 2020

First of all let's talk about one of the people who is at the origin of this project, who is called Carl-Larson and who is also a moderator on the site / r / ethtrader.



link to his Twitter account


After spending 4 years in Afganistan with a charity association where he worked on a small wind turbine construction project and an IT project, he moved to the United Kingdom being always passionate about the web, he became interested in the Ethereum project seeing the possibilities of this one, being worried by the big conglomerates of the web.


He decides to invest in this project of Reddit to want to develop a token distribution system to redistribute it to the users of the platform according to the karma.


This project was originally called Recdao.


Link to Carl Larson's interview


Why you should come to this community:
-Already because you can earn Donut tokens by commenting and posting Meme or sharing articles or others.




-Secondly because Donut is one of Aragon's star DAOs.
-A DAO is: Decentralized Autonomous Organization


As it is a DAO you can participate in decisions of the direction of the community like for example the attribution of Donut according to the karma, the posts or the comments.


How it works :
-You create an account
-fill in your Ethereum or Metatmask address
-And you just have to comment and post.




1 / Your karma is attributed to you according to your publications and comments
2 / It is the number of Donuts in your wallet which are paid every month.
3 / This is the address of your wallet.




On the menu on the right, when you scroll, you have lots of information and a "claim" button to collect your Donuts in Aragon.




Once you are logged in with your Metamask wallet, you have a claim button to claim your airdrop.


I put you the links of and Donut:



Here, I hope that many of you will come because it is a community that deserves to be known. What is happening there is really very interesting in terms of direct democracy.

Thank you for reading me see you soon.


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