I wanted to share the best sites for you to see manga.

By cryptage9 | hive | 14 May 2020

       I wanted to share the best sites for you to see manga.



For my part, I am of the Dragon Ball Z generation, I had watched more after DBZ.


Around 2008 I watched Fullmetal Alchemist and two / three other manga like GTO ... But I don't remember the others anymore.


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At the end of 2019, I watched NARUTO which I really liked, two months ago, I got into Bleach which I found great , and DBZSuper , last week One Punch Man ...

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I have not yet looked at One Piece, I put you the sites to find the manga and you which manga you advise me or which site, tell me that in the comments, thank you for your participation.





2 https://www.otakufr.com/


3 https://www.full-anime.fr



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