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By cryptage9 | hive | 7 Sep 2020

Today, I'm going to tell you about an exchange that deserves to be known.

With the emergence of a lot of new projects, it is interesting to be able to try to place oneself on certain projects which can really give a significant profitability.



Uniswap is a really great DEX for finding new projects with high profitability, the problem is that the transaction fees on Ethereum are very high. This is why a lot of exchanges start to list projects that are listed on Uniswap.
So today I present to you "Hotbit".
Hotbit is an exchange with really cool projects. I was looking for projects that are on the polkadot blockchain, I found some on this exchange.




Projects like (Ring, OM, EDG, PCX ...) and even a lot of other attention you have to do your research because there are a lot of projects which are very doubtful.



There is not only that on this exchange, there is also the possibility of staking some crypto with a very good profitability. An example with the DOT on Kraken I think it's 12% and on Hotbit it's currently 15% in flexible and it can go up to 48%.
You shouldn't be too confident either, but I think that doing small staking sessions on this exchange can be interesting on certain crypto



If you use the referral link you earn between 5 to 10% on transaction fees.


Their crypto from their exchange is currently not very expensive, and there might be a technical configuration to play.



As you can see above, there is a pivot point to overcome and that could take us much higher, there is also a cup configuration, at the price action level which is very interesting c ' is that we notice on several occasions that he tries to find this pivotal level and there we are really on the verge of this break. Maybe we have to wait a bit for Btc to close its CME gap.


Hope you enjoyed this article and thank you for taking the time to read it. Sorry for some wording if they are wrongly expressed




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