Episode 2 Celsuis network

Episode 2 Celsuis network

By cryptage9 | hive | 6 Jul 2020

Hello, following my article on yesterday's Celsius network, this time it’s one of the founders of Compound who responds with a screenshot of Etherscan demonstrating an active compound user / $ COMP farmer, he writes that c is opaque and is even a ponzi scheme.


The controversy continues to grow. In the responses to the tweet that I invite you to read because it is very interesting and informative. Already to understand how the Compound protocol works and to see how important communication is, because we read in the responses that for people who manage a crypto protocol, their knowledge is really approximate, it will be someone of ordinary people one could say that it does not matter, one cannot know everything. But there it is rather very worrying.


Among the answers, that of Larry Cermak is very interesting on what he writes about the ICO, which seems very likely to me because Celsius had to raise funds recently at bnktothefuture with an entry ticket of 1000 $ which explains a lack of liquidity.





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