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Twitter Giveaway: Create a New Hive Account For Chance to Win $20 of $HIVE

By Stellabelle | Hive Tutorials | 31 Aug 2020


Get a free Hive account

What better way to kick off the #JoinHive campaign that starts on September 1 than to do a Twitter giveaway to people who create a brand-new Hive account?

This is a great opportunity to get your friends and family set up with a new Hive account if they don’t have one already.

#JOINHIVE Twitter Giveaway Details

$20 of $HIVE will be given to 2 lucky people who create a brand-new Hive account by September 8, 2020! A random selection will be done. This giveaway is only open to new Hive users who follow all steps.

How to Enter:

(Be advised, this contest is people who are not Hive yet)

Create your new Hive account using this link:
Follow @hivepeople on Twitter:
Retweet this tweet & tag 2 friends
Reply to our tweet with your new Hive account name.

2 winners will be randomly chosen and announced on Twitter on 09.08.2020

(only brand-new Hive account owners are eligible)

Good luck!

But wait, you might think, can’t people just cheat? The new Hive account must be created from, which uses SMS to verify. This will cut down on duplicate accounts. If you’re a Hiver, then please use this as an incentive to onboard your friends and family. You can use your referral link if you want, or use ours which is in the tweet.

I think we are better than cheating, as that does nothing to grow our investment in Hive.

Thanks to @theycallmedan for providing the $HIVE for this giveaway.



Crea una cuenta en Hive para tener la oportunidad de ganar $20 en crypto. #joinhive Crea una cuenta en Hive. Sigue a @hivepeople en Twitter, haz retweet y etiqueta a dos amigos. Responde abajo con el nombre de la nueva cuenta para tener la oportunidad de ganar. Dos ganadores serán escogidos al azar el 08/09/2020. Buena suerte Premio: $20 en $HIVE Crypto


This was originally posted on our Peakd blog:


I am the original author and creator of the graphic design. I also have permission from the photographer. Photography is by @josehany.

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