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Did You Know Hive Has A Referral Program?

By Stellabelle | Hive Tutorials | 12 Jun 2020


The Hive referral program is on Hiveonboard, built by @roomservice.

Click this link to get started, and generate your personal referral link:

Click on “Referral Program” and input your Hive account name to generate your personal referral link. Copy that link and put it at the bottom of your Hive posts to onboard your friends.



This is how it will look to your friends who use your referral link. Notice that my Hive profile photo shows up? Pretty cool huh?


Here’s how I'm using my referral link at the bottom of my posts. You can copy if you want:


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What To Do When Your New Friend Joins

  1. Send them a small Hive Power delegation (I send 5 HP).
  2. Send them a personalized welcome message in a memo.

Here's my welcome message I send to new users who join with my referral link:

Welcome to Hive! We are glad you’ve made it. We have given you a delegation of 5 Hive Power to get you started. Since you’re new, we suggest that you write a post using the tag #introduceyourself. It’s kind of tradition on here that new people introduce themselves. If you have issues or need help, feel free to tag us @hivepeople in your post. Read this post to get started: :)

When someone joins HIVE with your referral link, @hiveonboard will send a memo to your HIVE account. It looks like this:

Received from hiveonboard
0.001 HIVE
New account @ndukadavid joined HIVE using your referral. Please take care of this new user. Ways to help are: providing educative resources and offering them a small delegation of HIVE POWER. HIVE POWER delegation gives your referral more resource credits which will help @ndukadavid to do more transactions each day.

Keep in mind, if you don’t delegate any Hive Power to your new referral, they won’t be able to vote, post and comment very much. They will most likely feel confused, powerless, and will probably quit, so it is advised that you delegate some HP to them so they can function normally.


Dapps Are Integrating As We Speak

The Hive Dapps are still in the process of integrating this referral program, but we can all benefit from using this now to onboard our friends. Keep in mind that the 3% beneficiary rewards are not decided upon by the apps, so don’t expect this. I don’t have any info either, so we just have to wait and see.

However, I love having the ability to see who joins Hive with my referral link, so I know there are many of us who can get to work onboarding new people now.

Let's work to onboard and retain new people! You can start this by using your referral link, and getting your friends and family to join with your link so you can keep tabs on their progress. It really helps to be able to count the people I've onboarded, which is somewhere around 10 so far with this new system. How many people have you onboarded recently?

Thanks to @roomservice for this amazing innovation!

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Meme My Coin has officially moved to Hive and started the HivePeople project, which aims to create tutorials and marketing materials for Hive. I will tweet this out with a message from our HivePeople Twitter account to prove ownership. I'll place it in the comments once I tweet this out:

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