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By Stellabelle | Hive Tutorials | 12 Jun 2020


Let's face it, Facebook Groups are no longer what they once were. If you don't pay Facebook money to get noticed, your group members don't even see your Group posts in their feed any more.

It's time to take back control of your own data, and create your own Community on Hive. No one but you controls the ownership of your Hive Community, so your Community is yours to run as you see fit. On Hive, there is no Zuckerberg army who decides to ban your account on a whim. Hive is run by the people for the people.

How is this possible?

Hive is like a decentralized operating system, much like how the real world operates. For example, I live in an intentional community where we make the decisions about how to live in our community. We have our own rules that we created, and no one from the outside tells us how to do things. We decide for ourselves what is best. The world is a decentralized place, filled with diverse people, opinons, lifestyles and modes of living. It is in no way homogenous. There is no one central place that decides rules for the entire planet. That would be crazy. But wait, is that what is happening with the giant social media tech companies? Well it's going in that direction.

Hive has a lot in common with how different societies that make up the human population operate. We humans tend to function best in smaller groups, like tribes where people can get their needs met. We were not meant to be strangers on the internet.

Hive Communities are like tribes on the internet, where people who are like-minded can meet, share experiences, interests, viewpoints and personal stories.

And most importantly, the Hive Community you create is yours and yours alone.

No one can take it away from you. You can't be banned in Hive. But if you post illegal stuff, plagiarize or are an ass, you'll be punished and your reputation will be low, and visible to all. Even though you can't be banned, there are rules to follow in Hive.

Benefits of Creating a Hive Community

  1. True ownership, no central authority can take it away from you.
  2. Monetization: you earn a certain percentage of $Hive rewards from everything that gets posted in your community.
  3. Freedom to build your own community that expresses your interests.
So if you're ready to create your own Hive Community, here is an article with all the steps but keep in mind you have to use Hive Keychain or peakdlock. Hivesigner doesn't work to create a community:



It costs 3 $Hive to create a Hive Community.
Use Hive Keychain.
Community Hive accounts operate similarly to a regular Hive accounts.
Community accounts are assigned numbers when they are created.

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Still have questions about how Hive Communities work? Read this article:

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