Why I gamble HERE now.

Why I gamble HERE now.

By Hippos4ever | HipposR4ever | 12 Oct 2020

After seeing a post by a fellow author on Pub0x (shout out Sapphire) and more specifically the series they do on passive earning I decided I too would check out “BetFury”. At least after seeing they DID have a faucet for me to try their wears out with, I quite literally, had nothing to lose.

but it wasn’t just a casino with a faucet... nah... BetFury was a even more addicting than your typical casino, they have a slightly higher edge (around that of freebitco.in’s at like 4% maybe it’s closer to 5) either way, it’s not great, BUT, here is the rub. They have your bets rewarded with a in site currency (plans to be exported to a blockchain project) which currently entitle you to a percentage of the earnings of the previous day at end of day EVERY DAY. For all the currencies they currently accept. Which at the moment is BTC, TRX, BTT, and USDT(!!TRX VERSION!!). They are talking about accepting litecoin or possibly doge as well, but talks are talks and this is about what they DO offer.

Im sure SOME of you readers are familiar with this reward structure, and wonder why it should be worth your time to check out BetFury over where ever you currently play that might have a SIMILAR reward structure, well, I’ll say, it’s probably NOT similar.

the site actually has TWO in site reward tokens which each give their share of all the coins but in two different proportions. The “BFG(BTC subtoken)” will give you a break down of 90/10/10/10% splits 90% being BTC and the rest are the other tokens. The “BFG(Tron subtoken)” by comparison will give you the opposite split of earning, so... 10/90/90/90. That is of a over all 3% taken out of the earning pool. This means BetFury  gives you not just a way to maximize your returns how you want them, but also gives you the opportunity to try at each coin no matter which direction you decide to go.

I will point out again, BetFury  is absolutely FREE. Yup, FREE!! 
The faucet is genuinely great, it DOEST REQUIRE your BTC balance to be 0, so you can save it up and withdraw it if you don’t want to gamble, and can claim it every TWENTY MINUTES! But I obviously recommend you gamble, haha. 
I mentioned withdraws... 
yeah... you can actually afford the fees there too, the limits are low, if you WANT to know the minimum BTC withdraw, you can get away with one at BetFury for the low low cost of 2000 satoshi in your account!!! THIS IS WITH THE “slow withdraw” method and will only net you 500 satoshi in the end after the network fee, but reading that SHOULD give you the point of how awesome BetFury is as well as their faucet if you don’t even want to use anything else in the site, but again, you should want too, the withdraw limits for the other coins are as fallows...

TRX = 0.1

BTT = 10

USDT = 0.1

again, THAT version of USDT is the Tron version, but if you know anything about those coins, the withdraw limits/fees they have set... very fair...

BetFury Has all your favorite games, and some new originals but the other point of mention for them is their bonuses and rewards. And no, I’m NOT talking about their token system again, I didn’t forget I already mentioned that... I’m talking about...

-jackpots that DONT require “winning bets”



-Serioulsly... !!!CASHBACK!!!

-Pretty generous ref program! ;)

- Weekly, AND live betting contests!

- Telegram give-ways.

- DAILY rewards bonus program (starting at level 2)

- GUARANTEED INVESTMENT CASH BACK in the form of “paid boxes”

- TWENTY MINUTE(20) FAUCET with a TWENTY FIVE(25) satoshi payout! That’s 0.00000025/(20minutes) better than almost ANYTHING related to faucetpay ATM I’m sure or comparable at least!

I mean... I know what your thinking... I am promoting this “BetFury“ site right now, of course I am going to talk it up. But let me say this, while you are right, I AM trying to make it sound appealing, it really should, I have gambled at ALOT of sites in my time and this one for sure takes the 🎂!

I mean for FUCKS SAKE!

THE FAUCET ALONE!!! When you consider the LOW WITHDRAW LIMITS, is a god damn give away.

and look, I accept after a certain point, if my pitch isn’t working, it just isn’t working, so at this point I’ll either give your eyes/mind ears a break, or let you sign up for BetFury I personally recommend the latter. 


my opinion is clearly bias. Haha.

I’ve already said it twice but I’ll say it again, with BetFury‘s faucet, and low withdraws, you literally have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! 

”So don’t even worry about it” -and with that I leave you with this... if you liked this, tip or FALLOW me. Either way have a good day!


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