What is Skycoin (SKY)? And why do I like it so much?

What is Skycoin (SKY)? And why do I like it so much?

By Hippos4ever | HipposR4ever | 27 Jul 2019

What is Skycoin you ask? Sounds like another knock off crypto looking for a payout, why should I invest any time or any money?...
Well, thats what I think when I hear of a unfamiliar alt sadly sometimes Ill admit, but let me tell you why I feel like I should bring shine a little light on Skycoin. At time of writing Skycoin(which trades under the ticker SKY) is trading a little under a buck and a half for a single Skycoin. Now lets get down to what even a Skycoin is, and why it should have any value at all.

First I guess I will provide a link to its website, so if you feel like I didn't answer some questions you can check it out for yourself...


is their domain, and like i said, feel free to look if you feel I missed anything or you want more info.

Skycoin is a ambitious coin looking to create the internet 3.0 by actually creating a wireless broadband network in which websites can be built stored accessed used just like the would on the web we know now, but for basically free, and from anywhere in the world... How do they hope to achieve this? Well they have a entirely new consensus mechanism that goes by the team 'Obelisk' (info found here:https://www.skycoin.net/obelisk/) the back bone of it will be a 'Web-of-trust' methodology and will be created by actual hardware(which will and is be manufactured by the core team https://www.skycoin.net/skyminer/) and I am assuming in the future (unless it infringed on some ISP law) they will make a program anyone could install without buying the hardware or the coin itself from a exchange. But for now it seems the only way to get it IS to buy it from a exchange, or to buy the hardware (which I personally will not be doing) until i watch it pan out a little more. This project is relatively new only coming out of more than just a inception at the end of 2018. But the fact they do have a working wallet and blockchain, and apparently funding in someway, which is great to see from such a ambitious idea, because I believe the idea of a basically free and un censorable internet is awesome.

Honestly I would highly recommend you go and look at their project details because I dont feel I can do it all justice, its too deep, they are coming up with their own web language that can actually be accepted by their blockchain, and well, I just felt like it could be big, so i wanted to share it. I am not telling anyone by any means to go out and buy mass amounts, or even buy any at all. I AM IN NO WAY PROMOTING SKYCOIN. I simply found it interesting and thought some might enjoy the share.

I appreciate you reading, and hope that you had some sort of take away from this, even if you didnt like it, I hoped you felt something.


- Rawr, Hippo


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