If your into bitcoin faucets, THIS is the best one!

If your into bitcoin faucets, THIS is the best one!

By Hippos4ever | HipposR4ever | 23 Oct 2020


Okay, so I kinda tricked you. NOT REALLY but kind of... I want to talk to you all again a bit about BetFury! Which yea, is a casino...


it also has one of the best faucets going around in bitcoin right now, and over the course of this article I will try to give you reasons of why you should check it out while mainly focusing and comparing the aspects of the faucet itself without touching too much on the casino. This article is about the awesome faucet first and foremost.

So, BetFury “boxes” are the sites version of faucets. They have currently two types (technically three I suppose, but I’ll get into this later) and I believe they plan on potentially expanding how many boxes and types are in the area at the time it’s a young site with a dedicated dev team so many interesting and cool things are happening in warp speed.


so BetFury‘s faucet has some interesting things going on with it, it has a traditional box “faucet”, which is free, and which you can claim 25 satoshi every 20 minutes meaning it’s pretty easy to get several hundred a day (or more if your really on your timer). Another feature of BetFury‘s faucet/“box” program is the option for “paid boxes” which is basically the form of a short term investment in the site in which your principal investment is returned to you WITH A “GUARANTEED” PREDICTABLE AND STABLE INTEREST. The rates? Actually pretty ****ing good. As I said earlier “technically three boxes” the investment box option can currently be your principal in holding for a week @ 7% return, OR principal in holding for a month @ a MASSIVE 10%.

Its important to state about the “investment box” feature while the total sum of your principal is locked up + interest for that week or month it’s not really “LOCKED UP” the box slowly fill’s to the end amount and can be withdrawn back to your site’s balance at any time for withdraw.

Speaking on withdrawals...

this is another place BetFury shines over fellow faucet competition. They have a DIRECT TO WALLET withdraw option for bitcoin starting at a ASTOUNDING 2500 satoshi... which is awesome, cause that’s pretty dirt cheap. It should be noted that is for the SLOW withdraw option (in which you MIGHT wait 24 hours) but I can say I’ve never waited more than 4 personally. So paying the extra for the “fast” IMO is a waste... unless you really need your coins I guess.

If your comparing just faucet features... let’s do that...

1. They pay more than most.


3. Low low fee for withdraw DIRECTLY TO ANY WALLET!!!

4. No use of a third party api system to make its faucet distribution possible.

5. Amazing investment incentives as well as one of the best dividend distributing casino’s in the game right now!

In short, if you don’t like gambling, that’s fine, and I respect that, but again, this article was primarily about BetFury‘s kick ass faucet, and I hope I persuaded some of you to check it out if you read this far... and if you don’t like gambling... OR FREE CRYPTO... then flame me and leave, trolls gun be trolls.


till next time, your boy 🦛 ❤️‘S y’all!

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