Bitcoin’s price plummets, but why?...

Bitcoin’s price plummets, but why?...

By Hippos4ever | HipposR4ever | 13 May 2021

Well, while there will be/are many theories, one that seems to make logical sense at least for SOME explanation to the drop would be the fact that Tesla decided to halt payments using the crypto currency citing ‘environmental concerns’. Dumb.

I recently wrote a opinion piece on the CEO, of Tesla in which my views on him, them, really all corporate entities being involved in crypto, get wrapped up there. 
But I digress. 

My opinion on the matter is to not really worry, a lot of FUD has come out lately, and more is still to come I am sure, this still seems to be really similar to the huge run up in 2017, and even if it’s not and the market fizzles, we must believe in our investments and commit to them, even more some in times of bear markets and buy the dips.

And remember, while many famous people, hedge fund managers, CEO’s and tech developers might get frequent laser eyes, the decisions for what you do with your money, and you time are ultimately 100% on you, especially in a world of blockchains.

That’s really all I have for you guys for now, until next time, take care! - 🦛’s

*It should be noted that while halting Bitcoin payments today, just yesterday Elon was was asking Twitter if they should accept Doge heavy sigh*

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