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Raw Sexual Health

By Kebwesi | Hippocratic Health | 30 Nov 2020

Does fresh Avocado juiced with Oranges work for you? Or is it Avocado's with Watermelons? For a whole lot of people, sex and sexual health are an ongoing problem, from the total inability to get it up, to the inability to keep it up. For some there are deeper issues such as diabetes or obesity while for some its about their hormones being insufficient. In order to solve this problem a lot of men reach for the little blue pill, or an expensive herbal concoction from exotic lands, but there is a cheaper, long lasting solution probably resting in your pantry right now, a raw food solution.

So according to Aajonus:

To spice up your sex drive, eat lots of fresh Avocado with Oranges, or Watermelons with Oranges. Apparently that combination can easily lead a priest or nun to break their vows.

To deal with low sexual hormone production, eat lots of raw shellfish including oysters, clams etc along with lots of raw fats (read avocado). Alternatively, you could juice 60 grams cold pressed peanut oil, 1 raw fertile egg, 1 tablespoon raw carob powder and one quarter teaspoon vanilla extract, daily.

To help you start, sustain and maintain sexual drive, drink two cups daily of a blend of hard peeled cucumbers with 60 - 90 grams of fresh raw coconut cream, and 90 grams of unheated honey. You could also experiment with adding garlic, red onion or bee pollen to to this blend and observe the effect.

Other things to take into consideration include your body fat, body fat is inversely correlated to testosterone, where you should keep it below 15% of body mass. High levels of body fat stresses out your endocrine system and thus your sexual performance suffers too. Think about detoxing your body and going on periods of intermittent fasting to speed your trip back to sexual health.

Are there other raw nutritional aids towards better sexual health that I've missed? Please feel free to comment below.

NB: I will be updating this post regularly so as to make it an easy to read, one stop go to for all things sexual health and raw food.

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