History : Always good and gold?

By aliyalcin | HIMEM.SYS | 11 Sep 2019

Sometimes I miss my good old days,  I clearly remember November, 1996. A tough guy brought big boxes which I did not have any idea what they are about of. First, 14" CRT has been unboxed and then IBM keyboard and a mid-tower case. How I could know these'd lead me into another world ?

I can list the specifications, still in my memory.

  • Intel 486 DX 4/100 Mhz processor
  • 4 megs of Memory ( I smile when I type this )
  • 850 megs of HDD ( Another smile please )
  • I believe it was 512 K  VGA card ( Hooray to Cirrus Logic-ISA card )
  • ESS688 sound card ( I loved you ESS! )
  • MSDOS 6.22 + Windows 3.11 ( My first love )

The day after, it was when I tried to practise my keyboard skills in QBasic,  suddenly something happened and CRT died. It took 2 weeks to bring the new one to my room and I saw many recurrent deams for fifteen days!

Basically, my all days passed away by playing Doom II , Nascar, Commander Keen, Heretic, Falcon 4.0 , Fifa Soccer 96 - 


23 years later, I'm asking only one question to myself.

Was it because I was young OR was it because of past is really good comparing to these days? No joy, no taste, no interest.

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This is a blog based on nostalgic feelings about computers, world, music and books. I just try my best to remember my past life.

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