The 10 most effective ways to make money online from Bitcoin

By nguyenhieu | hieummo | 19 May 2020

There are many ways to make Bitcoin money, each form has its own advantages and disadvantages, it will suit each different audience, you can choose the right way for you to start earning. money with Bitcoin.

1. Short-term margin trading .

Margin trading helps you gain positions larger than your account balance. With just a little cash, you can open a much bigger deal ..
Moreover, in margin trading, you can be a buyer or a seller. You only earn from the difference between increases and decreases. This makes short-term margin trading a very profitable way to make money from bitcoin, you do not buy or own a virtual currency, you just need to keep a contract and let it circulate..

•Low start cost.
•Use leverage to increase profits.
•Two trading directions: buy and sell.
•Trading time T + 0.
Minus point:
•The main risk associated with arbitrage contracts (CFDs) is leverage
Unsuitable for long-term goals..

2. Transactions of the day .

The high volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies makes the cryptocurrency market like a roller coaster, which is ideal for day trading, because during the day you will have enough price increases. and lower prices to reap good profits ..

        Ideally, find a low price opportunity to buy and then sell it at a higher price. Although this may be a small income, in the long run, this can bring significant returns to investors.

       Intraday trading is a skill like everything else. If you spend more time learning how it works, then it could be a full-time adventure..

        Of course, no one will win in every session, but the goal of the day's trading is simply to gain more sessions..

Therefore , day trading requires investors with a lot of knowledge and skills. You can try to practice with a demo account. When you have a lot of trading experience, you can decide to trade in a real account..

Low cost.

minus point:

•It takes a lot of time and energy
Need more skills.

•Taxes are higher than buying and holding.

3. Mining (Digging).


     Although the mining process can be done from a computer, you still need basic software, specific hardware, a virtual wallet and lots of electricity . For most people, cryptocurrency mining is a highly specialized industry that is not suitable for individual investors..
Most bitcoin mining is done in a large warehouse where there is cheap electricity..   
       Sometimes, hardware is also expensive. In the 2017 bull market, GPU prices surged, while the market collapsed , you could buy good mining equipment at a lower cost. . 
      In the early years, bitcoin miners were able to make money relatively quickly . But by 2019, cryptocurrency mining has become more complex. Many experts have built large areas to mine, making it harder to mine smaller coins . Of course, you can join the bitcoin mining team to be more effective , but that comes with a fee.           
      Instead, there are some other virtual mining tools to mine other currencies , and then exchange it with Bitcoin on some virtual currency exchange interpreters . This is another way to get more bitcoins.
     I have also found a number of cryptocurrency mining applications in the cryptocurrency industry , which will help you mine cryptocurrencies . It is like exploring a hobby. Do not believe that the application will help you make a lot of money for you..    


Higher income potential.

minus point:

•Starting costs are high.
•Pretty complicated.

4. Long-term investment.

      This is the easiest way to make money from bitcoin . Many people decide not to trade cryptocurrencies , but instead purchase a certain amount of money and then store it in their wallets until the price rises so they can make a profit..
       The prerequisite condition of the long-term investment is that you have to research and believe that the virtual currency you invest will have more market share after a while.
        While there are many different types of digital currencies , we recommend choosing a safe and highly liquid currency , such as BTC, LTC and XRP. These coins have been popular in the market . If you invest in a new virtual currency , it may be cheap, but the currency is likely to disappear after a market trial..


•Easy to get started.

•New friendly.

minus point:

•Take time.

5. ICO.

       ICO means Issue a virtual currency for the first time, similar to raising money from the community. ICOs enable entrepreneurs to raise funds through the creation and sale of virtual currencies without fear of capital loss.
       It has the potential to give you great interest ,  but it also has the potential to bring volatility and high risk.
       ICOs have a lot of pitfalls. You need to be careful in choosing the right ICO . If the ICO coin is not of great value, you risk losing your money..
        Therefore, you should only invest when you think the project is good enough , and only invest when you can withstand the losses..


•The opportunity to invest in businesses at the beginning.

•Low input threshold.

•No commissions, no deductions.

minus point:

  •Many scams.
  •Hackers attack.
  •High volatility.

     The content of this article is only the personal opinion of the author , not necessarily meaningful investment advice . The content of this article is for reference only and readers should not use this article as any investment basis..@@

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