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Emanate is built on EOSIO. Both the EMT token and our internal stable token are running on the EOS mainnet. Whether you are new to EOS or a veteran to the space, you may find some of the links and resources below to be useful.



For artists & labels

The closest you can be to your fans. Every second streamed is rewarded and paid instantly. Join now to discover the future of music distribution and promotion



Emanate helps artists work together, by splitting payments automatically amongst up to 50 parties. Create a "smart-collaboration" now.

Buy into the network

If cryptocurrency is your thing, the EMT token helps power the Sound We Live For. Grow your EMT balance by 0.5% every week, by locking tokens into the Emanate Growth Pool.7beb234a9f2cfec048913ab39c01e057a5b8b42fa6329fb8b7c2091ba0ab51eb.jpeg




Emanate Dashboard

Use the Emanate Dashboard to manage token staking and links to exchanges for purchases.abbd4fd2933feaf451b03d5cad2a0858d78979f9fa85cecafcfc7747da1bdc46.png





Block Explorers

Emanate’s realtime payment engine runs on a global, open-source blockchain with nodes in all corners on the planet. You can track these payments on various EOS mainnet block explorers such as and

View the emanatectent and emanatecolab contracts to see the latest activity on Emanate.

Interact using Scatter

If you want to take full control of your EOS account, get set up with Scatter and you will soon be interacting with the Blockchain like it's second nature. Using Scatter on your desktop computer will enable you to open up new parts of Emanate and over time you could avoid subscription fees altogether thanks to your EMT holding.


Keep your EMT tokens in any of these easy-to-use EOS mobile wallets.

Wombat WalletMeet.OneToken Pocket , Nova Wallet.

If you don’t use Scatter, you will still be able to interact with Emanate and the EOS blockchain using one of these wallets.

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Hi Guys This is me
Hi Guys This is me

hi guys I'm Erik van tools aka music producer and crypto enthusiast I want to share with you all my knowledge and daily activity I hope we will have a lot of fun together

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