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A World Without Bitcoin

By erikvantools | Hi Guys This is me | 19 Apr 2020

It was the year 2030.There was no cash.Daily used funds have certainly turned into an instrument of position and control.bitcoin

Wandering the central streets of Manhattan, you tip street performers and musicians by scanning your mobile device, your slant or fingerprints.Coins and dollar bills have now become wonders - fossils from a forgotten times.

In Beijing, the supervision-issued yuan has long been digitized and turned into the ubiquitousDCEP(digital currency for electronic payments).The storage of pass paper bills is confirmed illegal, all payments are made in a non-admittance or biometric showing off, and all transactions are tied to your full identification data by default.Every time you after that something, your national digital profile is with updated synchronously.

One of the latest freedoms in China has been transactio n privacy.Now all your communications, movements and interactions once added citizens are monitored using billions of cameras, real-time video surveillance from your wearable devices, hordes of recording micro-dronons and incredibly powerful algorithms that fix all together into a panopticon.

In Caracas, Venezuela, a recovering economy runs concerning digital dollars.Of course, there is some street trade, but the green papers finally got out of circulation several years ago, and added bearer assets, such as gold, remain incredibly rare to this hours of daylight.If you sore spot to get grip of something, you have to take steps it electronically, and the transaction will be tracked and associated to your citizen profile.

In Lagos, as in many African capitals, all commerce is put regarding the rails of Chinese financial technology, and all communicate without any problems using the latest colleague occurring of WeChat.The Nigerian economy relies upon DCEP, and the admin and 300 million citizens actually achievement as the satellite come clean of China.

At some reduction in the 2030s, all world governments confirmed cash illegal.They initially managed to speak to this be grief-stricken trick through a demonetization process, since processing officials proclaimed a subsidiary digital economy that they said would depart no one at the rear, tally stability and create it easier for criminals and maintenance launderers to catch.And most citizens believed them.

Even in countries where the majority of the population never had a regular gloss, the entire citizens were first urged and later ordered to create digital currency accounts united to an identifier, accessible via mobile devices or using biometric data.Then they were hermetic a multi-year era window during which it was realizable to quarrel their cash for a gradually decreasing number of digital loans.Almost everyone exchanged their cash and totally switched to digital maintenance at an prematurely stage, gone it was yet realizable to profit the largest number of loans.After the window expired, carrying paper or metal money became a criminal offense.01b353988f2d68fb3212b4de1d1d88e8b81714e7e6eba2908b5758058ee3d947.jpeg

Now, in 2040, there are two dominant currencies in the world: the digital dollar and the Chinese DCEP.The world is conditionally at odds into two camps: North America, Europe and some of the largest US allies use the digital dollar, even though the ablaze of the world uses DCEP.There are totally few supplementary currencies left.

Some rogue states yet issue their own currencies, but they complete not linger for long and are not of special value to anyone else.These government regimes tend to inflate the maintenance supply certainly speedily, greatly depreciating their currency, and ultimately forcing authorities to matter other currencies.Such a cycle destroys trust along in the middle of the disclose and the citizen.In the fall, such governments step the length of from sovereignty in dispute for leftover and switch to digital dollar or DCEP.An mysterious person actually does not have the carrying out to save their savings in such a quirk as to avoid control by the American or Chinese running.

For the whole one of the era there have been no significant innovations in savings technology.Most citizens straightforwardly grow their digital loans, but the cost of these loans is relatively rapidly depreciated compared to real goods.And along with, be in not forget approximately automated taxation.Currently, taxes are automatically deducted from your defense symbol, and tax rates rise unpredictably brusque.

As in previous decades, some members of the poor and center class still get sticking to of things in the song of cattle or sheet metal in an attempt to save themselves from inflation, but each and every portion of one one one (bearing in mind the exception of 1%) are deprived of premium assets such as valid estate, cordial goods art, delightful wine and connection rare things.

Financial privacy has more or less disappeared, and not by yourself in China and countries using DCEP.Along bearing in mind the advent of ubiquitous surveillance cameras in public places - integrated into an instant analysis system based upon precious pleasant judgment - altogether transactions are suddenly tied to specific individuals.Having no cash is enormously hard to get a one-era prepaid mobile phone or SIM card.The penalties for aggravating to invective your metaphor wallets are deeply unexpected, but no one has invented an interchange digital currency that can become a repository of value.

Systems for analyzing large volumes of data did not always have such dispensation gift.But now the situation has distorted.Of course, people have had bank account cards for decades, but unlike those to come days, governments can now view any financial data once the click of a button.

To profit loans, you pretentiousness to manage to pay for an identification card.To use loans, you must be loyal.To get sticking together of the best "goodies", you infatuation to be the unmodified patriot.Throughout the world, digital currencies find the maintenance for governments unprecedented opportunities to manage their citizens.If your digital profile does not have a high rating, you will lose many public facilities and privileges.In a dictatorship, if you dare to criticize the running, you hurriedly lose the opportunity to use your finances.According to some, beast in a financial prison is much worse than brute in a legitimate prison.

Corporations be lithe create their own child support.Librawas on your own the first swallow.But each and every one such currencies are inevitably pegged to the digital dollar or DCEP, and so topic to tracking, censorship and deletion.They obtain not come taking place taking into account the allocation for a mannerism out of this situation.

There has in addition to been a proficient mount occurring in definite-times sales to third parties of your data and behavioral habits.It has become regarding impossible to make a get of every without the knowledge of the dealing out and some corporations.After making any get sticking together of, you are instantly bombarded as soon as various advertisements.Many people have switched to stomach-sensitive glasses and retinal implants.And what would you think?There they furthermore benefit advertising.Of course, this is in exploit they make a buy of not slant it off by paying for the premium description.You can opt out of receiving mailings in DCEP countries, subsequently the exception of handing out propaganda.

The public was fearful of the rise of the Orwellian police permit in, and now it came, along behind this they furthermore received the dystopia ofAldous Huxley(Aldous Huxley).In this beautiful extra world, the sophisticated cumulative of carrots and sticks embedded in the financial system encourages and enhances benefit-doling out behavior in addition to impressive efficiency.Patriotism is addictive.

The Chinese social report system, ridiculed in the in support 2020s, was eventually introduced by governments vis--vis the world in the adjacent decade, and as soon as the transition to a sufficiently digital economy, has become an incredibly lively habit to obliterate dissent.

Governments conducted large-scale campaigns to locate each individual citizen within their borders and attach them to national identification systems.The IndianAADHAARwas the first of many, initially promoted as a miracle for those without a symbol, those in compulsion and stateless persons.But sophisticated it became determined that these identification networks were clearly mechanisms of surveillance and oppression.

The enthusiasm circumstances for some have become fairer, but a little minority controls everyone else in a quirk that at the forefront could not even be imagined.The immense idea of "complaisance" ultimately led to slavery.This is the digital banality of evil."

Even now, governments continue to innovate in surveillance technology.Valuable foster and privileges are offered to some citizens for agreeing to install their report wallets under the skin upon the wrist or upon the retina.This pension occurring front is promoted as the last word in contactless payment technology.By the way, this program is utterly popular.Some analysts endeavor that by 2050 a same device will doing the body of every person.

That could be our world.

But fortunately, this is just a fantasy.In our world, we have a pretension of salvation.

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Hi Guys This is me
Hi Guys This is me

hi guys I'm Erik van tools aka music producer and crypto enthusiast I want to share with you all my knowledge and daily activity I hope we will have a lot of fun together

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