HEX - How to Stake - TEN Visual steps

By Zde | Hex / PulseChain | 20 Aug 2021

1. In MetaMask, click the top left Menu


2. Click "Browser"


3. If no open tabs, click the + at the bottom


4. Click on the Browser text


5. Type in, press Enter or select it in the list


6. Click the top right menu, then click on "Stake"


7. Staking screen empty of data should look like this, showing how much liquid HEX you have in your wallet:


8. Enter the amount of HEX you want to stake, and how many days.  This will show you the number of TShares you will receive.  Play around with this until you see your desired results.  (For staking examples, see my post: HEX TShare Example)


9. Press the STAKE button to see the gas fee cost


10. Scroll down to see the buttons.  You can press REJECT and it will take you back to the Staking screen.  You can then press STAKE again and keep rejecting until you see a gas fee you are happy with.  If happy, press CONFIRM and wait while the transaction is processed.  DO NOT do another Stake until this one has finished processing and is confirmed on



CONGRATULATIONS!  You are now part of the staking program and will receive all that juicy interest at the end of your Stake



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Hex / PulseChain
Hex / PulseChain

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