Atlas The Humanoid Robot Athlete

Atlas The Humanoid Robot Athlete

Watch the 5-minute video via Atlas The Humanoid Robot Athlete


Imagine a humanoid robot capable of movements that would impress an Olympic athlete.

Do you want to learn some parkour moves from my colleague Atlas?

Observe this athlete and get to know a little bit of parcours or 'parkour',

a stylized way of writing a route in French.

The objective of this technique is to 'travel' from one point to another

without deviating from obstacles such as walls and open spaces

involving jumping and climbing without using any equipment.

This sport created in France in the 1980s is seen by young people

as a form of body expression and its maneuvers

use techniques of Olympic gymnastics and martial arts.

Does a day long before we can expect

will robots achieve the same movement skills as humans?

But first, reflect on this Biology question and answer:

Do you know how many joints the human body has?

If you answered more than 200 then, congratulations!

Thanks to the joints we are able to perform incredible movements

how to push, pull, stretch, jump, rotate, squeeze and bend.

Imagine a robot with just over a tenth the amount of joints

existing in the human body to be capable of exploits.

Developed by Boston Dynamics, the Atlas humanoid robot exceeds the limits of mobility for the entire body.

The advanced control system and the latest hardware provide Atlas with power

and balance to demonstrate agility on the human level.


Watch the 5-minute video via:


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