Do You Know About This Unique Crypto Community?

This Unique Crypto Community was co-founded in 2014 by Ryan Xu aka the “King of Cryptocurrency” and Sam Lee the “Crown Prince of Blockchain”.  Ryan is a visionary blockchain legend, top bitcoin miner and innovator since 2009. He’s an investor in 12 of the top 20 cryptocurrencies of all time. As well as an early investor and shareholder of several publicly listed blockchain companies in Australia, Japan, and NASDAQ. Also an angel inverter in over 40 different currency exchanges. Sam is a distinguished blockchain speaker and blockchain enthusiast since 2011. As well as the co-founder of 14 blockchain centers, but he plans to open 300. These blockchain centers are the world’s first non-profit blockchain knowledge hubs. Ryan is also a distinguished speaker and commentator at global platforms and media channels such as the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, CNN, Forbes, BBC, and Bloomberg. He also works with Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

What's In this Unique Crypto Community?

In this Unique Crypto Community you will have access to Mars Academy which gives you blockchain and crypto education from 3 top universities including podcasts, articles, and videos. You’ll also have access to HyperPay, which will give you access to optional projects, products, and services within this Unique Crypto Community. Lastly, on the Membership platform, you’ll receive a daily of min 0.5% in Hyper Units (HU) (like credit card loyalty points, frequent flyer/ shopper points).


How Membership Rewards Work

Rewards are used to keep you loyal to the program. You can enter the program by acquiring 300/ 500/ 1000 HU or Hyper Units, 1 HU = 1 USDT. There are no maximum,  monthly fees, or forced upgrades. You are able to triple your HU in 600 days. So with 300 HU you’ll get 900 HU back after 600 days and 1.5 HU/ day you’ll be at the beginner level. With 500 HU you’ll get 1500 HU back after 600 days and 2.5 HU/ day, you’ll be at the intermediate level. Finally with 1000 Hu you’ll get 3000 HU back after 600 days and 5 HU/ day, you’ll be at the advanced level. 10,000 HU you’ll get 30,000 HU back after 600 days and 50 HU/ day. You can rebuy your earned rewards once you receive 50 HU. Each 50 HU adds 150 HU to your pending rewards. Each rebuy is an additional membership. You can withdraw your rewards and redeem them for tokens. Then sell tokens anytime to an external exchange. 



How You Get Started 

First you register with the link given to you from your inviter



Then deposit USDT (Tether) or others into your member account





Exchange USDT  for HU, and acquire your membership








Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. You can earn HU, but results are not typical. This is blog is help you understand potential earnings in HU. You can see these potential HU earnings according to your investment in further detail when you click Potential HU Rewards Earned- Calculator.

If you have questions or want help comment below, message me directly, or email me at [email protected]

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Potential HU Rewards Earned- Calculator


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