Gominer- The best opportunity of 2019

Gominer- The best opportunity of 2019

By TheGame | here | 17 Nov 2019


My earnings:


Every new contract comes with a free 14 days electricity fee that will result in no overhead earnings. With 14 days free electricity fee, miners will earn 5–10% of their investment everyday for straight 14 days then 2–3.5% of their investment after 14 days until their contract expires.
(ie. When you invest 100$, you will earn up to 10$ a day for straight 14 days then 2–3.5$ a day after your free electricity fee and until your contract expires.)

Today the token worth 0.0013$, in 26 days the price will raise to $0.04, it’s an opportunity to multiply the hash value by almost 30, it’ll be an incredible earning.


Around 10% daily for 14 days(LIMITED TIME), after that 2% daily for 1 year.

The Best Thing:

The token worth now 0.0013$, in 26 days it’ll worth 0.04

Referral Comission:
30 GH/s

And the referral receives 1% weekly of their leader earnings (IF you register under my referral link you will receive 1% of what i earn weekly, around $6 and this number will increase as i will invest more)

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Payment Processors:


Limited time Offer: Earn free 300 GH/S to try the site


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