Privacy is back Part Two - The less they know the better on computer
Privacy is back Part Two - The less they know the better on computer

By Hellofriend | HelloFriend | 16 Jan 2020

All hail to you!

After the part 1 I proposed here: , I continue on my attempt (yes because it is rather difficult to be 100% perfect) to live as far away as possible from advertisements and Gafas.
I want to remind you that I am not a professional or a programmer. I’m just curious and want to share my perspective on returning to private data.

So, in the previous part I proposed to remove Google, Gmail and other Facebook by proposing alternatives. I will start with a reflex that I think is essential: the recording and the quality of passwords.

So I started using Keepass, the latter allows to generate secure passwords (which we can reinforce ourselves) in a database itself secured by a password that must remain IN YOUR HEAD! This will be the only password you have to remember! Perfect. The same goes for the favorites in your browser, avoid saving them because if some cookies or trackers remain, they will quickly analyze your behavior. The best way is to use keypass to store them and via Ctrl+U, you open any link. For me the right solution to outsource data that can create a psychological profile on your habits.


For my part, I use Windows. Not the best OS if you think about the posts I publish but I have my habits and its ease of use allows me however to find parades to be the best protected possible.

First, I had to reset my computer. Yes, once again, taking the time to take control of your data requires starting from scratch in 99% of cases. I wrote down all the software I needed and wanted to keep and reset the computer. Once I did that, I uninstalled all the basic applications of the computer:
- Cortana
- Photo
- Windows Media Player
- Microsoft Office 365
Etc, etc. Many sites have allowed me to know the orders and how to use them.

You can find non exhaustive list their :

It took a long time, because you have to type all the commands manually, but after a short hour, my computer was clean. I could reinstall everything and even choose to the maximum of open-source software (for example for photo reading or music.nI uninstalled Windows defender and crash analysis tracking. Preferring to make a backup image of my computer regularly. By the way, I heard that you can't suppress Microsoft Edge. Actually it is not completly true. You can suppress it as an appa or a browser but some of his components are essentials to Windows to fonctionning properly. Those componenets can't be removed.

Of course, it is difficult on Windows to be totally open-source but I try as hard as I can. From time to time I use Ccleaner to clean up potential threats and tracker but I’ve really managed to minimize my tracking. Not the best, I'm looking for an other solution


Today, on a full day of web browsing, I receive no requests from advertisers, nor unwanted messages from my operating system. Maybe I’m not at the level I’d like yet, but already I’m pretty happy to be able to stay on my PC quietly without feeling stalked.

Again, it’s always possible to do better but I’ve learned that being totally cleared when you’re just a curious is very difficult. So here is what I propose to try to improve our data protection as much as possible.

Feel free to let me know if I made a mistake or if you know more:)



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