Eelo / An Android OS without Google
Eelo / An Android OS without Google

By Hellofriend | HelloFriend | 14 Jan 2020

Hello everyone !

A short post about an OS that I tried for a month now and offer a lot of privacy and fonctionnality : Eelo ! 


Eelo was created by a french person called Gaël Duval, a pionneer in France for Linux Base application and utilisation. He created Eelo in order to avoid Google monopoly on our android smartphone (especially for those who are not capable of understand Android studio ahah). 

Eelo OS works on a lineage Basis with Micro-G, and so you'll tell : what's the difference betxeen Lineage and Eelo ? For me a massive one : accessibility. Where Lineage needs you to be some kind of android NERD, Eelo offers everything you ned in is basic package. No need to know line of command or how to use the terminal. Eelo also uses its own launcher, developped expecially for the OS and allows (as trebuchet does already) no trackers or google analytics.


Today, the OS is supported by 89 models of smartphones and it seems to increase regurarly.

For me, after 3 months trying ROM customs from all over the internet, this is the best alternative I found for my privacy and liberty of executuin on my Smartphone. 

Note that you can also install apps from any store you want, even Google play. For me, Data is my first concern that's why I share this but I also have apps with trackers... To know which ones are using Google and Facebook analytics and other, I use ClassyShark3xodus to look for the problematic apps.

And I use Shelter, an app that clone every app you want (except the launcher, that's why Trebuchet and Bliss are great for their complete lack of trackers) in its own pool and open them in a protected shell from the rest of you're phone in order to save from anylitics.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope it will interest you and if I made mistakes or if you know better tell me :) 



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Mostly a blog about movies and Tv Shows but I am deeply interested in data privacy !

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