How Atomicwallet Users Can Have The Last Laugh Staking AWC

By RitabeII | Helloadaora | 15 Feb 2021

f98995da4d0cbf392dccb6332b5bf88caaf4853925a6340d3bc90bc57870d56e.jpgWith decentralized finance (DeFi) applications now the coolest kids on the block, everyone is struggling to get on board. For Atomic Wallet users, the AWC coin offers an opportunity to get involved through a platform they can trust. 

Through the Atomic Wallet, you can do a lot more than just swap assets or holding the line. The decentralized wallet creates an avenue for AWC coin holders to stake their assets and reap the dividends. 

Why the AWC Coin Is Special

AWC coin, the native coin of the Atomic Wallet has a total supply of 100 million, with both the Ethereum network and Binance smart chain sharing this supply equally. 

Unlike most digital assets, more than 75% of the total supply is locked for a timeline of about 3 years. This creates a temporary scarcity of the tokens, increasing the value of the AWC coin. 

Beyond the ‘face’ value of the AWC coin, there’s a less exploited benefit of this token that the over 40000 holders of the AWC coin can take advantage of staking.

Holders of the AWC coin can stake their tokens with ROI hitting as much as 23% in a year. Of course, the dividends accrued will depend on the quantity of AWC coins staked. 

Beyond the staking opportunity, holding the AWC coin has other benefits. One of such is the platform's cashback offering. By holding AWC coins, every swapping and buying activity you do on the platform gets you an instant cashback. You will have to choose a membership plan to get maximum gains of using the exchange services of the Atomic platform.

Benefits Of Staking AWC Coin

One of the reasons why staking AWC coins is a great idea is that it provides an opportunity for the Atomic platform to thrive, especially in the highly competitive DeFi space. For holders, this translates to an even more valuable digital asset. Imagine holding the AWC coin and its value hits more than 1000%. It’s no exaggeration, scarcity drives upwards the prices of cryptocurrency, so holders will always have the last laughs.

Staking is often hotly debated due to the injection of more tokens into circulation. But this doesn’t happen with the AWC coin. With a large fraction of the token locked for a minimum of 3 years, there’s no sudden jump in circulating supply. This way, holders of the AWC coin will see a real increase in the value of their token over the staking period. 

While the Atomic Wallet is loaded with staking opportunities for different coins on the platform, staking AWC coins remains the most attractive. Its ROI of up to 23% is head and shoulders above the rest, so AWC staking is highly lucrative. 

Another reason why holders of AWC coin should delve into staking their treasured asset is its quick un-staking process. There’s no waiting period to un-stake your AWC coin, a situation that’s common with the asset staking of other tokens.


When you stake AWC coins, you get more AWC coins, so there’s the potential for an explosion of value as the worth of the token continues to increase. 

How To Stake AWC Coin

To stake AWC coins, you’ll need to buy the token using the BnB Bep20 on Atomic Wallet. Then proceed to use your mobile or desktop wallet and select AWC coin for staking. Enter the amount to be stake and follow the prompts accordingly. 


Dividends accrued are disbursed weekly, so you don’t have to wait a year or a month to use the proceeds.


Atomic Wallet has come a long way from its inception, even when DeFi wasn’t so popular. The decentralized platform gives holders of its token a chance to achieve financial freedom beyond their wildest imagination. With a whopping 23% maximum ROI on staking AWC coins, holders can afford to smile, regardless of the turbulent state of the market.

Follow the website below for an easy guide on staking AWC and other assets on Atomic Wallet:

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