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By RitabeII | Helloadaora | 27 Apr 2022

Hello readers and welcome to my blog. This is yet another uncommon NFT project, not your regular NFT gaming platform. In this article, I intend to dissect: 

  • Upland platform 
  • It benefits 
  • Its outstanding features 
  • How to acquire properties in Upland.
  • How to earn in Upland

So, let’s get to it!


The Crypto space has occupied several digital assets, giving them value and enabling the trading of these assets. The emergence of NFT (Non-fungible Tokens) into space has brought a lot of stability and durability to these digital assets. NFT brought a new outlook to the blockchain in the digital world, giving more potential to real-assets. Ranging from real estates, cars, mineral resources, and a lot more. These non-fungible tokens are easier and much more profitable to trade or exchange, unlike the digital currencies.


Today, NFT has made a great impact on real-world assets, also in the digital world, including gaming sites, giving value to these assets and making them interchangeable. 

NFT has added more value to the game industry, giving credibility to the tokens as gamers and programmers now have equal access to utilize this opportunity in the blockchain provided by NFT. However, these benefits are only limited to a few audiences, which is not a balanced ecosystem for merchants and traders, including programmers. 

It was this problem that Upland centered on resolving by generating a mass audience into a gamified experience. 

What Is Upland?

Upland is the global metaverse map to the real world and is accessible through the web, android, and iOS. It has a real economy that balances players and developers through market forces of supply and demand. 

Upland is built on three solid pillars: 

  1. Play
  2. Earn and 
  3. Connect. 

They all have their functions in enabling the stability and running of the Upland platform. 

Upland was founded in early 2018 and is known as the first NFT gaming platform to highly incentivize gamers. Its existence has brought an exerting growth to the blockchain ecosystem by employing a monopoly form of a gaming system whose goal is to create fun experiences and new opportunities for everyone at the intersection of the real-world and virtual worlds.


Upland aims to solve the issues facing native games. Initially, a traditional game ecosystem is controlled by the game developers. And do not offer players equal benefits such as trading or exchanging their assets. Most of these games do not allow true ownership to players, nor do they allow users to monetize game creations or resell digital assets. Players who spend most of their time playing games and thinking of their improvement and gaining assets as their own end up not reselling them and losing their value. 

In traditional games, the right of ownership is centralized  with database access and under the control of the game developers. This led to the establishment of the Monopoly game by Upland, whereby players and developers alike have equal benefits.

Upland has an established working space that allows fungible and non-fungible tokens, more access to real-world assets and the virtual world.


Benefits Of Upland

Since the inception of Upland, there have been more changes that brought more and more players into the gaming platform. In other words, giving more value and awareness to blockchain tokens and assets, including the real-world utilizing NFT strategies to balance both virtual and real-world ecosystems. Below are some of the benefits:

  1.  Ability to own a property in both real-life and virtual worlds: Upland has created an interface that will give users the access to acquire assets both in the real-world and virtual world by using its tokens and game token. It also permits the use of a fungible token or real currency. These benefits act as a stimulant in propelling Upland to greater stability in the market and better to the newly introduced gaming system.
  2. Players and developers can trade, negotiate and deal with their properties: Developers can negotiate and resell their properties willingly to anyone, including players. On the other hand, players and users can monetize and sell their tokens for any blockchain without being limited. They have full right over their tokens and have the ability to do whatever they wish with it. These have brought stability to both ecosystems.
  3. Total satisfaction in completing tasks: This goes for gamers and players. And there is a monetary value for each task and collection for every level that is completed by the players. The token obtained can be sold or used to acquire more wealth, just like the monopoly game where houses and estates can be staked. The same goes for the Upland game setting, which connects both types of assets, making it more realistic and satisfying to play.
  4. Fun-to-play location-based experiences: The game setting is well diverse. It does not matter your location or your environment. You can stay anywhere to play the game, which makes it fun and easy to access. You can communicate with other players and get access to foreign assets. In San Francisco, where it is maximally utilized, one can stake any assets (real estate, Cars, Money, Houses, land, company, Cryptocurrency, etc.) from any location. If he wins, the asset details and documentary will be transferred to him. And it is accessible on iOS, Android, and the web makes it easier to operate.
  5. There is no complex management of personal security and wallets. Upland handles all the necessary steps in the background. And will never temper with player or creator blockchain accounts. This is made possible by an integrated wallet provided by Upland for its clients.

Features Of Upland

Upland has well-built features that suit the marketability and flexibility of its ecosystem. Connecting decentralized and centralized ecosystems into a platform. These are some of the outstanding features of Upland:

  1. Upland payment streams and inflation are designed in a way to benefit and nurture general gameplay, create a sound economy with a trusted currency, and support daily operations. Furthermore, develops the platform to manufacture a more realistic economy. This pool is subdivided into Community and Upland pools.
  2. Upland optimizes the financial policy in order for the overall cost to its economy to be minimized. This is a way to enhance its token trading within the centralized and decentralized ecosystem.
  3. There is a combination of centralized and decentralized decision-making. These employs game design decisions to be more centralized to its financial policy.
  4. Upland utilizes the blockchain technology to create real-world thrifts for games and opens up a completely new way of how the ownership of assets can be handled and assigned. Upland provides a new-value recommendation that better aligns players and operator inducements. 
  5. Upland utilizes the EOS (Electro-Optical System) Mainnet for implementing its blockchain layer. EOSIO technology offers several advantages that appeal to Upland's requirements when compared to other potential public blockchains. And these enhance the security of users' assets.

Upland Tokens

Upland has two types of token implementation that support a centralized and a decentralized blockchain. These tokens are subdivided into UPX and Virtual Property NFT. 

UPX: Upland's virtual currency 

Is derived from the EOS token smart contract. For regulatory purposes that require ensuring that UPX is strictly a utility token meant for use in Upland's ecosystem.

2a473614b3b28529d884f6bfb4b148d3371d7af7e1c3f66ec5d47eb06ed8bde8.jpgUPX transactions require the multi-signing of both the owner and Upland. 

One good thing is that new users can receive up to 6,000 UPX starting bonus for registration here.

The virtual property in Upland 

This matches one-to-one with a physical address in the real world that is represented by a parcel comprising unique geo-boundaries. To avoid conflicts in parcel boundaries, and to enable the future ownership of parts of the world that do not fall under official addresses, the smallest unit of ownership is identified by a UP - Which is a 3X3 meter square that has a unique geo-location in the world. A property NFT is then composed of a collection of one or more UP.

These have brought uniqueness into the Upland ecosystem, giving users that are new to its blockchain the ability to own tokens and properties. Unlike the traditional game that only focuses on the Creator to benefit from its creation.

How To Acquire Properties In Upland 

To acquire a property in Upland, you need to mint on the blockchain. Which are real-digital assets that cannot be duplicated.

In order to get started, you have to sign up to the platform, after which you start minting the properties which are non-fungible.

How To Earn Tokens In Upland 

In order to earn more or acquire more tokens. You go to collections Menu from the website, and you will find tasks that you can strive to complete. Each task grants you a one-time UPX reward, a little badge in your personal profile, and a colored coin in your UPX Stack. Accomplishing each task will warrant gaining more non-fungible tokens.

You can also compete in challenges that are time-sensitive events that show up from time to time. These will grant you more access to get more tokens.

Participating in a treasure hunt is yet another way to earn. The treasure hunts are divided into three tiers and can be seen in the treasure hunt section in Upland. It is a great start to earning assets. And if you have enough confidence to hook some extra UPX before the other participants, you can participate in it.

Finally, You can acquire more tokens and assets when you follow up on the Upland social media channel and participate in their various tasks.


Upland has a well-built system that enhances property trading within its ecosystem. The advancement of technology has helped to implore a flexible and fair trading atmosphere for both creator and players. Its involvement with EOS has brought in the stability and security required to ensure a safe and secured medium for both users.

To learn more about Upland, you may need to visit their website and twitter page. Other media outlets:

 Telegram | Discord | Whitepaper | Roadmap | NFT Explorer

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