I Voted Publish0x as the Best Startup in the Noonies Awards, Have you?

By awesomianist | Hello Publish0x! | 3 Aug 2019

Preface: This post will be a public disclosure of who i voted as well as a sharing of Hackernoon Noonies itself. Feel free to vote using the link here.

Hackernoon’s Noonies Award real quick: Tech magazine Hackernoon is running their inaugural tech industry awards – a community voted award to bring awareness to amazing startups and people working in the tech space.

Being very much in the tech space, and a Hackernoon supporter, I just had to vote.

Here’s what I voted and what I think about the Award.

Most Exciting Startup


2019 is replete with exciting startups that have what it takes to change the way we do stuff online. Of the list, I chose Publish0x because... Well, it’s obvious! Publish0x puts a spin to an established Steemit.com (not Steem the blockchain) in that rewards are paid not from token inflation but from existing tokens.

So instead of having their own native token, Publish0x relies on a stream of sponsors to supply the liquidity of reward pool. In other words; if you are a new token project and is looking to airdrop the coins to an existing group of real human users, Publish0x is for you! I just think that is real smart and plays a balanced game theory to make it sustainable.


Bait and Switch Award


Fuck Medium. You heard me.

Medium started as a “place free of censorship where users can write and read stuff”. And i get it, companies need to make money. That being said, holy hell, the Paywall thing is disgusting.

I’m not a rich white guy. $5 is actually a lot of money for me to spend just so I can read “5 Investment Rules Millennials Should Follow To Build Long-Term Wealth

It does put a smile on my face that even as of 2019, Medium is still not making money. What they are doing right now is simply not sustainable.

Best Open Source Project


This is easy for me. If you’re reading this, I implore you to vote for Bitcoin as the Best Open Source Project too!

The repercussion of a network protocol and governance model made possible with the Bitcoin Network has not been fully understood and fully explored. Mark my words though, Bitcoin represents a turning point of the Internet if not modern civilization as we know it.

Blockchain of the Year


No blockchain network has rivaled Bitcoin so far. There is no argument about it.

Bitcoin is not just “internet money”, not just a payment network. When you’ve dug into the rabbit hole and understood the beauty of the Bitcoin Network, the intricacy of each moving parts and how literally no single party will ever “control” the network without the consent of everyone else, you tend to find yourself being a “toxic maximalist”.

Bitcoin is a role model of how society can and should be run. As I’ve said, we’ve not fully explored and understood what bitcoin can and will offer to humanity.

Simply no other blockchain has shown the beauty and wonder to the level that Bitcoin has now.

Best Whitepaper


Do I sound like a broken record?

Hear me out…

9 short pages, straight to the point, mind blowing… These are some few description of the Bitcoin Whitepaper.

Whitepapers should convey their messages concisely, no jargons, no BS, and take as short a time to read as possible. It’s a whitepaper, not a legal document or a brochure. Other projects take note. Learn from Satoshi.

The Zero Authentication Factor Award for Un-Security

Alternatively… Lol Rekt


There’s only Mt.Gox for this. Do you know that Mt.Gox technically isn’t even a crypto exchange? It’s literally in the name – Magic The Gathering Online eXchange, hence MtGox.

It’s not even the first website to allow users to trade bitcoin. That award goes to NewLibertyStandard (caveat: no one picked up in the offer)

Basically, if you can’t afford to lose your cryptocurrency, Don’t Fucking Put Them In Exchanges!


Most Defining Crypto Moment


Libra. Blergh.

Still, we can’t ignore the effect of Facebook in getting people to ask more question about “the crypto thing”. Facebook in one fell swoop has done more to spread the crypto gospel (unintentionally) than all other crypto projects COMBINED.

We even found ourselves a new ally in CNBC because of Libra!

Crypto Name Drop


I love Silicon Valley, even before Gilfoyle started talking bitcoin.

As a show that appeals to tech people, Silicon Valley did a perfect spin on Crypto and ICO – back when it was still a thing. It was really fun to watch a show that has so much crypto screentime and comedy.


That’s about it

There’s obvious a lot more categories you can vote on.

The Noonies vote ends on August 16, so make sure you’ve already voted your favourite guys before time runs out!

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Hello Publish0x!
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