Hi all! New illustrator and comic colorist on PublishOx... Let me introduce myself!

Hi all! New illustrator and comic colorist on PublishOx... Let me introduce myself!

By Hélène Lenoble | HeleneLenoble | 19 Mar 2019

Hi PublishOx Community!

I'm new here, and I would like to introduce myself to you!

I'm a 39 year old Belgian artist. I'm freelance since 2009, and my main job is to color comics. I usualy work for European editors, such as Soleil, Lombard, Delcourt,...

Here is an example of what I do : I receive the page on the left side from the editor with no colors, and I put colors on it:


That's 90% of my job and I really enjoy it. I'm lucky I can can make a living doing this...

But what I prefer is drawing. I make digital drawings and paintings for some magazines, or just for fun.

Here are a few examples of paintings I've done recently:


I'm here because I want to share this passion with you. I'll show you my finished pieces, of course, but also the process, the different steps from the first sketch to the final color. I'm sure it can be interesting, and maybe helpfull.

I'm also here to get advices and comments on my work! Don't hesitate to tell me what you think of it, or what you would like me to talk about. Your comments will be very appreciated!

Just one last word to finish this introduction : english is not my mother tongue, so forgive me for my mistakes, I promise I do my best :-)


See you soon with a first step by step!



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Hélène Lenoble
Hélène Lenoble

Hi! I'm a belgian freelance drawer and colorist. My job is mainly coloring comics for european editors.


With this blog, I want to share my art, and explain the process of drawing and painting an illustration. I'll post step by steps, and explanations about how I work.

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