Celo Symbol by Coinbase

New Token CELO rises 32% after its listing in COINBASE

There are many users talking about however, I wanted to provide just an update:

According to cointelegraph "Following the announcement of support for Celo, the price of the token surged from $3.44 to a new all-time high of $4.55 in just two hours" and dipped just after when the article was written.

As for right now the behaviour of CELO is the following: 



Meaning that in the last 24 hours it is at 20.24% up which is a good opportunity due to the fact that there is a correction going on in the cryptoworld.


If you want to know more please log into your coinbase account, if you don't have one please use my referral link!



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Hedera Hashgraph 3rd generation has a problem?
Hedera Hashgraph 3rd generation has a problem?

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