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How to earn Litoshis and satoshis easily

Hello all,

As you may know earning cryptos are a phenomenon nowadays, there many apps for android and IOS being promoted around the net.

However, how do you know who pays and how much? Well, so far I've earned 30 USD in BCH and LTC equivalent.

How can you do this? Please follow these simple steps:

1. First of all you have to create or have a wallet or have wallets within the following:


A. Coinbase



B. Binance



2. Then, once registered you may download the following games:

A. For Bitcoincash:  https://bitcoinaliens.com/?ref=1148470&game=7&pf=2 (you will earn satoshis and it will be deposited in your wallet every Tuesday)


B. For Litecoin  https://bitcoinaliens.com/?ref=1148470&game=8&pf=2

(you will earn Litoshis and it will be deposited in your wallet every Tuesday)




Are there any other games? Yes there are for bitcoin, Stellar Lumens and Ethereum and  PHT.


Hedera Hashgraph will be developing other ways to earn HBAR. 


Do you know any others? 



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Hedera Hashgraph 3rd generation has a problem?
Hedera Hashgraph 3rd generation has a problem?

Hashgraph looks to be a solution for energy, cost and faster than crypto based in blockchain, but there is a catch. The modality in which Hashgraph functions does not relate to blockchains but events via gossip protocol. This is absolutely the best and most efficient way between computers, which takes in consideration the time and other events using the voting protocol. The problem? It is centralized and not descentralized according to critics.

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