By HebrewBlem | HebrewBlem | 3 Apr 2021

Each morning we look forth for the ray of sunshine,

what a joy,

Even the rainbow is wonderful,

the different colors,

Even Ray Charles said What a wonderful world.

Look at the positives,

avoid the negatives.

Life can be like a game,

Snake & Ladder,

going towards the prize to make life better,

But 1 mistake & you slide down the gutter,

The walkway of life is so unpredictable like a dice,

Thanks for the hurdles of life,

They teach us to jump & overcome,

A situation can be glooming then change like the weather,

Never live to be perfect,

Just be excellent,

nobody can be perfect like a job letter.

As the clock ticks, Time is so precious,

The path 12:30 is best, very valuable,

It's great to walk straight & narrow..


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easy going, down to earth & kind.


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