By HebrewBlem | HebrewBlem | 8 Apr 2021

To change them like clothes,


one a day,

love gives heartache,

so I rather a good time,

The lollipop eases toothaches.

Condom saves lives yet kills vibes,

just living the Day Rave, Party Vibes,

Call my friends, all in chains,

the links are always invited.

Cars park in the driveway,

some in the circle.

True friends only to the table.

The kings rocking shorts & Polo,

Girls exposed in bra & bikini

shouting "YOLO"

It's Marko- Polo..

Contact lens or 3D

Just film this movie,

What happens in Vegas,

Stay in Vegas.

Home for the Brave,

these hotties are sexy No Doubt,

Both near or far.

Let me give her a wink.

One a day, everyday.

Only dogs Stray..


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easy going, down to earth & kind.


A humble guy just living day by day. These are the poems of life express by my feelings. It would be greatly appreciated If my poems inspire anyone to please like & share; a gratuity will be kindly accepted as well. All poems can be found @ vocal. Media. Links are provided in all poems.

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