By HebrewBlem | HebrewBlem | 28 Mar 2021

Speak out! even shout, Spread your voice,

Be a Legend, Be that Voice,

end the silence,

Let's put an end to domestic violence.

How can a friend beat his friend like a stranger?

everybody has a mother,

Congratulation!! All single moms no father,

Life can be hard,

Let's stop the mentality of slavery,

what happen to he's my brother

& She is my sister.

People stop riding a silent passenger,

Speak Out! Save a life, spread the love,

be that blessing, be a four leaf clover.

Men stop beating her for hers, It's Not Yours,

the key for her front door is Hers,

Password Hers. Not Love,

End Domestic Violence,

Speak out! Stop the Silence..


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easy going, down to earth & kind.


A humble guy just living day by day. These are the poems of life express by my feelings. It would be greatly appreciated If my poems inspire anyone to please like & share; a gratuity will be kindly accepted as well. All poems can be found @ vocal. Media. Links are provided in all poems.

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