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The language of ivrit ( עברית ) Genesis 45, Post #5

By hebrew | Hebrew | 31 Dec 2023

Welcome to my Hebrew reading & language series.


Genesis 45:22-28


from "Joseph" the movie.


We have finished yet another chapter in the book of Genesis now. Goodbye Chapter 45 with the departure and arrival back in Canaan.

We read the list of provisions, clothing and animals sent for the journey plus extra provisions of gifts, animals and carts for the big move. All of Israel will be heading to Mitsraim (Egypt) to live in the land of Goshen with Joseph providing for them all. Remember, all this is happening while the world is suffering from an extended famine.

It says that little Benyamin got five hundred shekels of silver and five changes of clothes for the trip. Then it talks about all the things that were sent to Joseph's father. We cover them leaving from Mitsraim and go right into the arrival in Canaan.

Jacob (Israel) is made aware that his son lives. He was shocked in disbelief at the news, but then saw all the gifts and food that had come with them. He believed when he saw the wagons to carry him and his possessions back to the land of his son's rule. He tried to ignore all the special treatment sent to him and stated that he was happy just to know that Joseph was still alive and now he plans to got there and at least see him before he dies.

Much more to come in the next chapter. Stay with me because after all the hard times, jails, slavery and tears, there will be joy at last.

Today's reading




To each and all of them he gave a change of clothes, but to Benjamin he gave three hundred shekels of silver and five changes of clothes. To his father he sent as follows: ten donkeys loaded with the good things of Egypt, and ten female donkeys loaded with grain, bread, and provision for his father on the journey. Then he sent his brothers away, and as they departed, he said to them, "Do not quarrel on the way."

So they went up out of Egypt and came to the land of Canaan to their father Jacob. And they told him, "Joseph is still alive, and he is ruler over all the land of Egypt." And his heart became numb, for he did not believe them. But when they told him all the words of Joseph, which he had said to them, and when he saw the wagons that Joseph had sent to carry him, the spirit of their father Jacob revived. And Israel said, "It is enough; Joseph my son is still alive. I will go and see him before I die."




The story continues next week as God speaks to Israel...

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