The Shaolin Tradition

By Ferrel | HealthyShaolin | 22 Apr 2021

At the foundation of all great religions and theosophies is the same ultimate truth that each religion and each seeker of truth attempts to understand, live by, and experience. Aspects of this ultimate truth recognized by all the great religions and seekers in one form or another are: spirit consciousness, immortality, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, love, light, compassion, wisdom, joy, peace, and unity. These are all aspects of the Great Spirit.

People use different words for God used in different languages, for the same concept; the same God, the God of humanity, and of all creation. The differences arise from misinterpretation of the teachings when they are disseminated. The experience of this ultimate truth is called by the different traditions: salvation, samadhi, satori, enlightenment, illumination, self-realization, cosmic consciousness and awareness of the divine Christ.

All of the really great teachers of humanity taught virtually the same methods of obtaining this experience. They said that we cannot have this experience of ultimate truth without incorporating all the aspects of the great spirit into our consciousness. This requires the purification of our personality. The second requirement is that this experience can only be apprehended through our intuition. The vast majority of humans do not have intuitional ability strong enough to accomplish this. So the teachers gave us consciousness energization methods that would enable us to raise our intuitional ability to the levels required. Because our intuition is used, it is called mysticism. These time-tested methods have been passed down to us by generations of highly advanced monks for literally thousands of years. They are compatible with all the practices of all the great religions of the world.

Seekers within the Shaolin tradition recognized the oneness of all people, of life, of creation, an attempt to realize the aspects of truth for themselves. The tradition also involves itself for the dissemination of the teachings in the hope of one day achieving world peace and harmony. Throughout the history of this tradition, it has acknowledged and used methods of achieving these goals from any effective source. It was and is recognize the truth is at the core of all great religions of the world. It was and is the norm for seekers to participate in the activities of one or several other traditions. It is been said that "the seeker in this tradition may adhere to all but be bound by none." This occurred in this creation of the tradition.

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