the most complex mask for protecting people - revealed by LG

By VNFC | Health by natural | 11 Sep 2020

hello guys

today i'm gonna present you what is new in anti-COVID's fight, the newest mobile mask by LG: PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier

the LG mask

This is science fiction: the shape, the lights and the materials used make me think about Star Wars.

The officials claim that this mask includes 2 high quality H13 HEPA filters capable to retain 99.97% of all particles, down to 0.3 microns.

This mask is independent, no wired and it has 2 fans powered by a rechargeable battery.

LG built-in its patented Respiratory Sensor to automatically adjust the Puricare based on the "cycle and volume of the wearer's breath." Each fan has three speed settings, which adjust to run slower or faster depending on whether the wearer is breathing in or out so as to reduce the effort required to simply breathe normally. The battery powering the mask is only 820mAh, but LG claims it's enough for eight hours of filtered air.

What is interesting is the way of charging it: in it's case, bombarded also with UV lights for killing all germs before the next use.

Also, the mask is linked to mobile App for warning when the filters should be replaced.

We don't know the price or the launching date, but LG hopes to have it out before end of 2020.


- the technology

- the design

- the better protection


- the need of finding a power source for charging (maybe could be useful to have a charging option while wearing)

- (probably) the price

- I knew this virus could use also our eyes for finding a way in our body. If it's true, then the protection is incomplete.


I like it. Even I'm not a Star Wars fan, I will buy it if it's less than 50$.



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we wait and we shall see what the world is bringing to us tomorrow

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