what is good for toothache

What is good for toothache

By merve | health and self care tips | 16 Oct 2020

Brushing Teeth

 If you have caries on your teeth and the food crumbs we eat cause pain in our decayed teeth, we should brush our teeth first. Brushing teeth will remove the crumbs that cause pain in our teeth and reduce toothache.


Mix vinegar water with salt water and gargle. It will reduce toothache by making a numbing effect on toothache. Since it has a disinfecting effect, it will purify the tooth from bacteria and germs, and if there is swelling, it will reduce swelling.

Clove or Clove Oil

Apply clove oil with antiseptic properties to your teeth. Clove oil is used in many toothpastes. It has therapeutic properties for toothache.

Put the clove on your aching tooth and press it gently. This will reduce toothache that will create a numb effect on your teeth.


Black Seed

It has no numbing effect, but it also helps to eliminate the cause of pain. This reduces the pain.

Black pepper

It is known as a natural antibiotic. It is good for toothache.

Pain Relief and Antibiotic

If the pain becomes more and more severe, this is indicative of inflammation. It is necessary to consult a doctor and take antibiotics. You should start the treatment with the doctor's recommendation. If the pain is mild, you can take some pain medications and stop the pain.

 If the aching tooth becomes severe, it will affect the pain relief. Another suggestion is mint and sage tea. Let the island tea steep in hot water. When the water is warm, gargle. It will be good for toothache. Crumble the mint and put it on the aching tooth. Peppermint will relieve toothache. 

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