Natural Remedies For Headaches

By merve | health and self care tips | 8 Oct 2020

The headache becomes incredible and unbearable over time. Headache, which affects our daily life negatively, can be sometimes very severe and sometimes milder. It is much better for health to find natural solutions to relieve headaches instead of taking medication.

For chronic headaches, a doctor’s examination is required. It is possible to relieve normal headaches without medication. So how do you get rid of a headache? What should those who experience frequent headaches do?



Known for its calming and happy effect, lavender is very effective for headaches. Lavender fragrance minimizes headache and migraine symptoms. It will be good to smell this mixture by dropping lavender oil in a glass of water, especially for stress-induced headaches.


Prepare a mint-lemon mixture, which attracts attention with its refreshing and tension-relieving feature. Soak a clean cloth in this water, wring it out, then place it on your forehead and let it sit. You can repeat this process frequently. Another suggestion would be to smell peppermint oil.


Ginger, which has pain relieving properties, is among those to be preferred. Especially consuming ginger tea will alleviate the headache. It should not be forgotten that ginger has very beneficial and positive effects on the body.


Yes, you did not hear it wrong, both hot water and ice pack. Placing the hot water bag on your feet while putting the ice pack on your neck will relieve your pain. The reason is that the blood flow of the body changes and the vessels relax.


It is known that a glass of coffee a day has pain relieving properties. You should be careful not to consume coffee too often. Experts generally recommend drinking a plain Turkish coffee. In this way, other benefits are also used.


One of the most effective solutions for tension and stress headaches is to take a shower with warm water. After the shower, which completely relaxes the body, you will notice yourself that your headache will be relieved very quickly.


When you have a headache, taking a short break and going out will relax you. More fresh air and oxygen will relieve headache. Even if you do not have the opportunity to go out, opening the window and ventilating your environment for a while will make a big difference.


It is recommended to massage your temples, between your eyebrows towards your forehead and starting over the nostrils, stretching your skin towards the edges of the eyes. With this method recommended by experts, your headache will be relieved.


Headaches are sometimes caused by exposure to too much distracting lights and being in intense noisy environments. For this, a little rest in a quiet place with little light will be good for your headache.


Regular sleep is directly related to headaches. The body that does not get enough sleep starts to react differently. When you have a headache, it will be very comfortable to close your eyes or even sleep for a short time.

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health and self care tips

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