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By avina | Life... | 28 Apr 2022


Hello guys, I hope everyone is well.

As you know, the market is like a small fire place these days. It seems to have no taste. One wants to earn some money, but it's always best to be cautious. In such cases, alternative earning methods draw attention. One of these alternatives is IGO. As you know, product early access has often yielded huge profits. In a previous article, I stated that such events (ICO, IGO, etc.) would be a very good resource for new participants and researchers to have an encyclopedic document containing statistical data. I hope the exchanges will pave the way for this with the development team because it is a need.


There will be two points that draw my attention about the CEBG game, which is the main subject of my article, and a small sharing about IGO. To be involved in the game without making any investment for participation in the first place. This is a good thing from my point of view, it can act as a kind of demo and if I see fit, I can consider playing by investing for profit. Another point that caught my attention is that at the end of the alpha test, 95% of the players want to continue playing with the original version of the game. At this point, it emerges as a reference for outsiders. In short, the game has a structure that continues in the form of a survivor wins, inspired by PUBG. Emphasis is placed on years of experience as a team, and strong partners also draw your attention.

Of course, one's own research and preference is priority. I leave the links for IGO dates and necessary information.

1 - https://www.kucoin.com/spot-nft/project/6263eed0c94d5b000108c972

2 - https://www.kucoin.com/news/crpyto-elites-battlegrounds-is-now-available-on-kucoin-igo-platform-limited-sale-of-8000-genesis-nfts?spm=kcWeb. B1homepage.NewsZone.1

3 - https://www.cebg.games/

The original article was published on the KuCoin S platform.

I wish everyone a happy day and good luck...

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