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10 1/2 Years Of Abuse & Finally I Said "Enough Is Enough" (Part 5)


Bob's mom says to the officers that I abused her son and have been causing a whole bunch of problems in the house. The officer looks at me about to say something to me but I'm yelling and screaming, I'm angry and frustrated because bob just took off on his atv shortly before the cops arrived and has my wallet, cell phone , and everything else that a woman would carry in her purse. I calm down enough for the officer to speak, the officer looks at me and says that I have to leave for a few days, I am in shock, I am literally shocked, for bob is the one that was beating on me and took off on his atv with my personal belongings. The officers tell me that if bob comes back they will inform me and get my things back to me. I am pissed and take the evict paper and walk away, my mom is telling me to get into the truck and I am refusing because I knew where bob had gone. I walked all the way to where I knew that bob would have been and started yelling for him and yelling for him to bring me my things or else because the cops already know that you have my frickin stuff. 

A few seconds after that my mom calls my cell phone and bob does answer my phone. My mom tells bob that he better bring my purse to me right now we are waiting at the bottom of the back road to na'alehu. Bob brings my purse and hands it over to me, he is starting to take off and I grab a whole bunch of rocks and start launching them at him driving away on his dam atv. I jump into my moms truck and ended up going back to my grandmothers house for those days I could not be in pahala. 

I should not have went back to stay when I went back to pahala. I should have known that it was coming to the end of me and bob's relationship. We were always arguing and always fighting. A few days after returning to pahala bob and I got into another fight because he did not approve of me posting selfies on Instagram and Facebook. I told him over and over again that we were not married and even if we were it is okay for people to post selfies. Bob tells me its okay for people take selfies yes but you take selfies like you single and looking for a guy. I was again left in shock. Bob grabs my cell phone and takes off on his atv up into the mountains. While bob is leaving the drive way I had already started to chase after him for my phone. I ended up falling in the street and ended up hurt. I went to the ER a day later and found out that I had broke my right arm at the elbow. Till today the bone sticks out on the side. 

A Few of my birthday occasions I had my mom, step-dad, and little brother them come over. I made a bbq outside and bought drinks for those who drank. Bob every time would fight with me. Tell me that whatever number I was turning, I was turning that number for nothing, I only getting another year more dumb and never fails to say more slutty too. Why I stayed and stuck around him , I still do not know at this point. 

I got Invited to camping at the beach several times and each and every time, bob had to come with me. Yet each and every time I got accused of cheating on him while we are camping. I told bob many times not to forget that his ass is the one that cheated on me and has to live with his guilty ass conscience. I also told him that he is now afraid every day of me leaving him for someone better and it just might happen. 

He would beat me up some days and I would be badly black and blue my face and I would run away to my other mothers house, and bob would come stalking me on his atv and watching to see if I was cheating on him. Bob would call my cell phone non stop and text me non stop calling me all kinds of  names in each text and calling me a " dumb bitch" in most of his voicemails. Bob blew up my phone with calls and texts one day that my cell phone went from 100% to 0% in less than an hour. I did not think there was a place that I could go now, without bob being right around the corner watching me and just giving me chills up my spine, just the thought that he was always near made me weak to my stomach of fear. 

I not only was beaten every other day, I was also torn down and told that I would never find anyone else that would love me like he does, I would never find anyone that would ever put up with my shit, and lastly I will never find anyone because he will also make sure of it! whatever that meant! I started telling bob that I needed space and time to think, So I was going home more often to my grandmothers house, and at the same time I was secretly taking my stuff home, in boxes or bags or whatever I thought would not make him think anything.

Then I started going out with my girlfriend to Puna to go and pick up her daughter and my girlfriend introduced to me a dating app. I did not want nothing to do with that kind stuff because I was faithful and loyal to bob. Then my girlfriend started to talking deep heart to heart with me. My girlfriend told me that I deserve better and not to beaten up all the time, and yet beaten for no reason, and get mental abuse too. My girlfriend told me not believe what bob said about me not being able to find someone else, and that there is someone out there that will love me and treat better, someone that will treat me like a queen and what I deserve. 

My girlfriend said she goes out and meets guys on the app all the time, and sometimes she is afraid to go alone, lols. I would be scared to I told my friend because you don't know who you are actually really meeting unless you have video chatted with them and seen what they look like. Well I tried the app for the most part and met a few guys, the men I met on the app were ok but yet some were strange. The first guy that I met was on the Big-Island from Indiana and he was there doing work. He was a gentleman and spoiled me like i have never been, until I went to tell him I love him and he stopped talking to me for a few months, with his last text telling me he was off island on Lanai doing some tower work and will be on that island for about a month or so. I was like okay, but did not hear from him over 4 months until ....

Stay tuned for Part 6 which might be the ending to my story

Thank You for reading my post

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Telly1Love (aka:Chantel)
Telly1Love (aka:Chantel)

I am Chantel, born & raised on the Big-Island of Hawai'i. I grew up in a small town called Ka'u. I loved going 2 the beach, Hanging out with family/friends, & love my animals ,I love to sing & write my own songs. I now am married have a 3yr old&live in PA

Hawai'i Island Life
Hawai'i Island Life

Imagine waking up every morning and being able to just load up your car and go to the beach an bbq, Imagine being able to just camp where you want and fish (with no permits required). Imagine being able to just walk right down the road to a friends house or go right around the corner to your uncle or auntys house. Imagine fresh breezes under coconut trees and listening to the sounds of the waves rumbling on the black sand beach, rolling the pebbles along the sand with incoming waves.

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