Mirrors make madness

By HavokWAR | Havoks Nightmare. | 22 Mar 2024

"Where is my Juliette?" you ask of me,
I'm but a guide, not the key.
You seek her in the land of dreams,
Beyond the mirror, or so it seems.

You've journeyed far, through shadow and mist,
With love's pure kiss, you insist.
The mirror's promise, a fickle thing,
In your heart, the truth will ring.

No more rabbit holes, no more tea,
The madness ends, you wish to flee.
The fantasies, the tangled thread,
Seek the truth within instead.

The mirror's friend, a phantom's guise,
In your quest, the answer lies.
Not in reflections, nor in glass,
But in the love that will surpass.

Juliette awaits, in slumber's keep,
With true love's kiss, she'll wake from sleep.
The beast you slay, the past you mend,
In love's embrace, the mirror's end.

So cast it out, the gift of love,
And rise above, the push and shove.
Find your beauty, your heart's delight,
In love's true form, you'll reunite.

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Everything to tell about oneself nowadays is all clichΓ©d I'm wess.

Havoks Nightmare.
Havoks Nightmare.

I have to write to keep me sane. Not really but okay yeah really let's face it whatever I am id rather be than what people deem normal.

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