You are my Sunshine ☀️ 😍

By Eybyoung | Eybyoung personal blogs | 7 Jul 2020

I was perplexed,

Seeing the two red lines of a tool

Called "Pregnancy Test".

Mixed emotions, covering my mouth

And let the teardrops down.

I wasn't ready to be a mom,

I don't know how to be a mom,

I am 24 but I'm still scared,

Scared to become a parent,

Hurriedly get my phone and capture that tool,

Send it to your Father,

Your father was puzzled too,

He isn't ready too.

I am confused, so confused about how I am going to raise you!

I myself have a hard time to understand me,

How am I supposed to be a parent?

When I didn't get any parental guidance?

How will I raise you, my child?

Should I get rid of you?

No! The inner me shouted!

I am not stable, your father isn't stable

We're not ready!

Should I bring you to misery?

Heaven, what should I do?

I cried, I let it out.

Worried a lot,

Despite being unsure,

I didn't harm you inside...

Thinking out loud, talked to your father once and for all,

We decided,...

Decided to embrace you!

Yes my child! We will raise you.

We will take care of you....

We will love you unconditionally,

When you're still inside, I was scared

Scared you will face this cruel world,

So cruel enough to ruin you,

I will protect you! We will protect you!

Parental instincts shouted!

Oh! My child do not be weary,

I wasn't ready but will going to nail it.

Finally, you are out!

My heart, my heart is filled with joy...

My heart is rejoicing!

You are the joy, once I never had

I never thought you will be my sunshine...

My sunshine, who will ease my

Melancholy heart.


This poem is dedicated to those parents who are not yet ready at the beginning of their pregnancy but chose to keep their offspring and nailed it. The scenery of mine 3 years ago.

" I wish she will going to read this when she grows up"

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Eybyoung personal blogs
Eybyoung personal blogs

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