Life is a bridge pass over it


Life is like a bridge dont make it any house just pass ,and world is also like a bridge just pass through it because  we have to go one day ,in same snario wisdom is a bridge between our goal and our accomplishment and we have need to deciplane which makes our accomplishment probably .that bridge also look like bridge of life it connects the life with death  .connect the two different beauties and water under the bridge means what happened in past it to be able to prolong life.

♦ Understanding is the bridge between two minds; love is the bridge between two souls.


♦ You have to cross many bridges and you have to walk many paths in your life! But what is more important than this is to know which bridges you should not cross and which paths you must not walk!

♦ In our life there were so many bridges like bridge of  understanding ,bridge of love etc and we have many paths in our life which we crossed already but the most imprtant thing is that wich bridge of life at which we are unable to cross and which path at which we unable to walk . to make them easy to cross and walk by using wisdom and deciplane .

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Talent and general posting
Talent and general posting

Hello all of you guys whats going on iam back with a new blog about our sindhi talent and general posting. I have posted some post on nature but today i thought to share something of talent and general posts. Here in this blog iam going to share something about sindhi talent hope you gonna like it. Have a nice day. Thanks ♦ For ♦ Reading Regards: Ali ♦ Gul

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