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By Earn With Hatty | Hattys News | 31 Jan 2021

There are some pretty crazy things going on in the markets these days. It makes one wonder if things are legit and we are all just being played thinking we will make money when in reality the outcome of a company is based off of a couple tweets by celebrity’s and other big names such as Elon Musk. Here are a couple interesting things going on into todays markets. 

Dogecoin has gone up a whopping 500%! This is just unheard of. I have been invovled in Crypto since at least 2011. When Doge first came out it was just a joke coin and no one thought it would go anywhere but at the moment Doge is worth a little under $0.05. Now I wish I saved all of the Doge i have earned over the years. I would have had enough money to move to whereever I wanted and do whatever I wanted. Things like that do not happen to people like me though. The majority of the world needs money from time to time so we have to use our saving here and there. This is some pretty incredible news none the less. 

Doge has been around for a long time. I remember it was one of the first coins I earned on faucet websites. I liked to use it because the fees were so low. It is crazy to think the price is so high. Back then I would have never thought and would have thought this would have been one of the first coins to die off.

What happened to Gamestop stock!

Gamestop stock has jumped to sky high prices even though the company has been going through hard times. People are asking questions. Is there stock market manipulation at play? Are our funds in the stock market as secure as we think it is? Are stocks based on how the company performs or is it based on whatever the Elite want it to be? I do not kow what is true right now but I know that this does not make any sense and things need to be investigated further. Of course I would not be saying any of this if I had a bunch of stock in Game Stop but who really does right now. The company is going to shit. Everything is becoming digital so they either need to evolve or get out of the way. Now that this happend who knows what the future of Gamestop is.

I remember back in the day Gamestop was the place to go but then streaming services and other platforms have been releasing a lot of games digitally as well as hard copy so gamestop lost a lot of business because of this one. Also may I just say that they give you total crap for what you bring in. I know they have to make there money but damn. That is why I sell everything on letgo now. I make back a ton more then I would selling it to gamestop.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and let me know.

They are saying the leader of Proud Boys has been a informant for a long time and has been feeding information on all sorts of people. He says that he does not recall any of this and he does not remember any such things. If this is true then that means that our government has also been helping him get off of charges and not get in trouble for a long time. So really the FBI has themselves to blame for creating this person and allowing him to reach out so far and wide. Who knows what the truth is but the people involved.  I wonder what he was getting back for being a informant. I am sure he was able to do pretty much what he wanted and he lived the high life. Now he is fighting back after the government made him into a voice the people listen to I guess.

Robinhood, the well known stock app has been getting a lot of hassle from them restricting people from buying and selling stock during the Gamestop stock surge. This would have me feeling some kind of way and I would be lashing out too. Imagine having a ton of gamestop stock and you see the price sky rocket and then you go to the app and all of a sudden you can not sell off your stock.

Robinhood not playing fair

I guess they have just now started lifting restrictions and allowing people to buy and sell which caused the stock to go up another 100%. Crazy times we live in. I bet nothing will happen to Robinhood even though they made people lose some money or not even be able to make any money.

I wonder what the 1% use for there stocks and how they access them. I bet they do not use Robinhood. I am just about sick and tired of being the 99%.

Biden stays silent about Gamestop scandal

I guess Joe Biden keeps staying away from the gamestop scandal and not answering questions. I wonder what is really going on with all of this. I wonder why I wasn’t informed and could get in on the action lol. This is why I do not mess with the stock market and I just mess with Crypto. The stock market scares me but Crypto does not which is weird because it should be the opposite. 

Do not get me wrong. Biden is doing good things and trying to get our country back together. I do not trust any government no matter where it is from but this year I had to pick the lesser of the two evils. Trump was making things pretty scary and did not seem like he was going to back down any time soon. Imagine what damage could have been done if he was elected for another 4 years!

It has taken me a couple days to write this so the stocks market and crypto market has changed a little but not by much. 

I hope everyone has enjoyed my article. If you have a second please like and comment to help me grow. I am trying to put more time into my articles and make them more relevant to a lot of different people. If you have any ideas for feedback I would love to hear it. I am a work in progress and not afraid of a little criticism. Thansk for reading everyone!

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