Garden Trash Vol.2 #8

Garden Trash Vol.2 #8

By CEDCryptoCoin | Hate and funny | 26 Jun 2020

Hi Growers
I'm glad you took another moment to watch the Garden Trash Photoblog.
Today we will take a closer look at how the experiment with rooting the lower twigs underground continues.
And we will go through the progress of all plants.
You can only grow five plants on our land and I'm already at 7 :-) that's why I have two in a portable bucket.
The weather is finally slightly summery (summer solstice 21.6), but storms and rains are still there.
Let's go to the photos and we will always say more about them.

Enjoy the photo

Black Jack photo 25.6

oday we start with the flower that has probably made the most progress since last time.
It branched off and the stem thickened
Now, for 14 days, we should see the biggest growth.
Together with the BB next to it, I can say that only these two have the right height.




Big Bud photo 25.6

I installed a curry net around the plant.
I still leave it to the lower branches which are underground, but I will comment on this at the end when I describe the experiment.
I am satisfied with the plant.
I will gradually pierce the inside of the plant.




Jamaica photo 25.6

Jamiaca has been standing for three weeks and personally it doesn't seem to be growing at all.
Not all leaves look healthy either. I really don't know what to do with her.
I would say that it lacks nutrients, but according to those leaves, quite the opposite.
Last year they had an AK47 over a meter in their place - next time I will add a photo for comparison right here.
Well we'll see now there are 14 days of intense growth so we'll see.




Sweet Cheese photo 25.6

The plant was late, after all, it went into the ground a month later, as you know, if you are following my photoblog.
And that's why I'm satisfied with her progress, even though I know what a great monster it was last year.
The smell is felt with every touch as I wrote last time.



Black Jack 2 (baby) photo 25.6

What to write to her - she has grown up and I'm looking forward to playing with her and twisting and tying her up and we'll see what I can do with her.

When he leaves the greenhouse, I reckon that soon. Should I leave a white bucket or should I wrap it in a different color? - What is your experience?



Chemdawg photo 25.6

The plant should grow, but it doesn't want much.
Here I will have to fertilize and probably give more water, but the yellow ball in the sky without which it grows badly is to blame for everything.
And that tribute is missing this year.






But let's go to our experiment.
In a week I think it was 23.6 I tried one of the 3 twigs that are underground at Black Jack to uncover and try to transplant.
After exposing the soil and cutting it off from the mother plant, I was quite excited about the formation of about 20 filamentous roots. I got rid of the plant with excess leaves and after two days its head lifted and in the last photo you can see that it doesn't look completely bad - we'll see next time.
Unfortunately, I did not photograph the clipping and especially not enough roots.

When I tried to photograph the process at Chemdawg during the photo shoot yesterday, the result was not as expected and you can see three roots on the plant after the preparation.
I wanted to leave the clay around the roots, but in order to see that the process works, I wanted to expose them.
When removing the soil, I felt like I was tearing some of it :-(

I have a few more attempts, but I decided to let them season for another week.

I still tried to plant the young in a bucket of potatoes :-) (you can see him)
We'll see next time if he survives.









SRY for my English

That's all for today. For comparison, you can open older links where you will see clearer progress with flowers and photos from other angles.

Look forward to next time.

Thank you for thumbs up, tip follow and sharing with other friends.

Have fun and let it grow

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