Garden Trash Vol.2. (2)

Garden Trash Vol.2. (2)

By CEDCryptoCoin | Hate and funny | 12 May 2020

Hi Growers,
I have not yet decided in what interval I will post photoblogs, but I do not intend to do so once a week. We'll see how much I enjoy it. But once in 14 days I will contact you as the flower grows.

Today we will look at all 5 flowers that are already growing in their places + one that I don't know where to put yet and maybe it will go to the place of sweet cheese because it is also sweet cheese and the original one may not survive.

The second batch of leached nettles is also being prepared - the best fertilizer for growth.

If you have any comments or questions you can ask in the comments

And now let's go to the photos

Nothing complicated - tear the nettles - pour water - let it infuse for 14 days - mix 3x - strain - and concentrate with water 1/3.


newbie sweet cheese 12.5.


Sweet cheese probably won't make it, so his sister will replace him, but we'll see photo 12.5.



I bent Jamaica more to the ground again to make room for it. I haven't cut yet (maybe I'll try youngsters from the lower floors)
foto 12.5.




Big Bud does not exaggerate with the growth of Jamaica, but so far without problems
foto 12.5.



Black Jack is the same height of about 20 cm and 4 floors
Foto 12.5.




I pinched Chemdawg in the greenhouse over 2 floors (maybe I could have already climbed over the first one)
Foto 12.5.




That's all for today from the photos, you can look forward to the next update maybe in a week;)


I discovered TitTok so please like. It's awful so far but I'll get better.
Cutting apricots - I wanted Timelaps but I didn't do very well for only 6 seconds, even though I shot 30 minutes :-)
And a video of flowers.
If anyone wants to advise me, I'll be happy.


I am adding a link to the first photoblog from the new series
+ the last from last year   

Or check out my other posts here -

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I would like to say that in the Czech Republic it is allowed to grow 5 cannabis plants (but not their harvest). Therefore, do not take this blog as a guide to the production of THC :-)



Thank you for the coments and possibly a little donate for a new technique for taking pictures.
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Hate and funny
Hate and funny

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