Garden Trash Vol.2 #5

Garden Trash Vol.2 #5

By CEDCryptoCoin | Hate and funny | 4 Jun 2020

Hi Growers
I welcome you again after about a week with a new update in the series of photoblog Garden Trash.
What happened in the last week in a nutshell. You can always find out more info about the flower itself.

Superstition - "A drop of water on Medarda, it is raining for 40 days". Although it moved to an earlier date, it confirmed the observations of our ancestors.
In our country, even the wells were really dry. Now groundwater has returned to normal.
So cloudy weather prevailed and the temperature was still below 15 degrees.
But the last two days of summer are beginning and temperatures have climbed to 20 degrees.
Finally, I will grow to heights.

I have not yet bitten the flowers, but I have tried the method of rooting the lower branches without separating them from the mother plant.
We will see this method I try defacto for the first time.
I don't need new cuttings, but a friend would marry if I could.
And most importantly, I take it as a new experience tested in practice.

I'm going to start Chemdawg today, because I'm going to struggle with that the most in terms of growth.
So let's get to it
enjoy Photo

Chemdawg 3.6

As I wrote last time, the plant has 4 peaks and I will continue to use three of them to fill the entire space that I can use.
That's why I tried the rooting method.
I got rid of the twig with excess leaves that could rot underground. He rubbed it with a rooting agent to help the roots and covered it with soil.
He moistened and covered with plastic to keep the moisture.
See you in 14 days.
Look forward to the result ;)






after one day
the flower always straightens and fills the space



Sweet Cheese 3.6.

still takes his time, but it's still number two and the temperature is still not much.
But it's still my 2 favorites.



Jamaica 3.6.

The one who is still my number one favorite is Jamaica. I'm looking forward to it the most.
The flower has its problems and until it is at least a meter long it has poor light conditions in the morning. But I believe that everything will be ok.
The top of the flower was gradually bitten by something, although I did not find any caterpillar. Now it doesn't go any further and the lower branches are ok.
I haven't pinched the branches or tried to chop them here yet. I'm waiting.
I could put the lower branches away and drive the other branches to growth, but here I will try to classically classify them later from unnecessary twigs.
I'm still bending to the ground otherwise it would also be about 45 cm in height.






Big Bud 3.6.

At Big Bud, I cut the three lower twigs and hid them underground.
We'll see how it takes root.
Otherwise, the flower is the most vital of all.
I was a little worried that it was in a place where I hadn't grown yet, but they seemed more than odd so far.






Black Jack 3.6.

Black Jack even had 4 lower branches that I hid underground.
At a height I lose about 10 cm on Big Bud. but he looks healthy.
I think we will see great progress next week if you compare the photos.
In the first photo before cutting and hiding underground.









Black Jack baby 3.6.

Baby still in the greenhouse.
It has caught on and will grow



I will add a video from TikTok - maybe they will delete it :-)

That's all for today thank you for thumbs up, tip follow and sharing with other friends.

Have fun and let it grow

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I would like to say that in the Czech Republic it is allowed to grow 5 cannabis plants (but not their harvest). Therefore, do not take this blog as a guide to the production of THC :-)



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