Garden Trash #8
Garden Trash #8

By CEDCryptoCoin | Hate and funny | 27 Aug 2019

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Hi Growers,
another week passed, so I bring you another photoblog for the Garden Trash series.

I can say that the last month's rapid growth has stopped. We started to bloom. As the last Ak47 Lemond so we can say that by the end of October will finish.

Not much work was needed in the last week.
A little trimming, one broken branch due to the wind, but tied and is ok.
I add fertilizer to the dressing every other day. Of course already rich in phosphorus due to flower.

Today I apologize for the quality of the photo, but even today the wind blows enough.

Enjoy mighty nature

AK47 original left and AK47 Lemond right

foto 27.8.


AK47 Orig.

AK47 Lemond


White Widow 

foto 27.8.


Sweet Cheese in greehouse

foto 27.8.


Sweet Skunk 

foto 27.8.


Thank you for watching and see you next time.


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I would like to say that in the Czech Republic it is allowed to grow 5 cannabis plants (but not their harvest). Therefore, do not take this blog as a guide to the production of THC :-)



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Hate and funny
Hate and funny

nature around us - photos from a walks and short post Something I do not like sometimes. Sometimes something funny.

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