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The Status App Part 2

By Chris24 | HASHTAG | 28 Jun 2020


     In my first article about the Status App I discussed some of the basics of the user experience and compared to some other similar products. In this article I will talk about some the new features now available with version 1.4, and some that are in development that are pretty exciting. I will also inform the reader about some of the utility of Status Tokens (SNT). 

     Censorship is becoming a serious topic of concern in 2020. A growing number of social media influencers are moving to Parler because of it's stance on censorship. In some parts of the world information security is important to political and personal discussions, and increasingly it is becoming unwise to post political comments on social media. Businesses will often search social media to screen applicants to see if their views are in line with the companies ideologies. If you share these concerns the Status App is a logical next step. 

    You can be a part of the censorship resistance by participation in the Status App community which is made accessible with SNT. SNT is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that can be used in a variety of ways, including something as cool as fighting spam (T2T mentioned below) and unwanted messages, or contributing to a liquidity pool on your favorite token swap Dapp like Kyber or Totle Swap with the built in Web3 browser. First you might want to secure an ENS user name, like john.stateofus.eth with your SNT. You can have multiple names if you desire, and multiple wallet addresses to go with them. When you sign up you will pick your user name from a randomly generated list to give you anonymity as a default setting. Check out the videos below to see it in action. 

    You can also buy a few sticker packs from the sticker market, or even create and sell your own creations and earn some SNT. Some animated stickers would probably sell well right now for those of you who are skilled in that area. Dapp Curation is another way for stakeholders to participate in the community by upvoting the Dapps that they like, providing a community based rating system that functions on SNT.  Features under development that are exciting to mention: Tribute to Talk (T2T)- require a cold contact request to pay a tribute as a way of filtering out the spam and unwanted messages. In other words, they have to send you an amount of SNT that you determine in order to send a message. Brilliant! I wish I could do that with my phone. The Teller Network will create local access to fellow stakeholders for the exchange of digital assets, goods and services. I'm personally looking forward to the launch of the teller network and hope to get a stake in that arena. Finally, it's worth mentioning that Keycard has launched and I have personally tested that out. Keycard is 2FA card that utilizes NFC to authorize transactions. You can see that in action in the video below as well.


So now you can know some of the ways that SNT powers and incentivizes participation in the Status Network, and helps to secure a platform for censorship resistance. Download the Status App and be a part of the community today. 



A great interview with the lead of security at Status- 

Forbes- Justin O'Connell










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