The Decline of Dapps - Price Action Pushing Dapps to the Back Burner

By Rekt | Rekt Report | 6 Jun 2019

Dapps have taken a backseat to the price action on a lot of these crypto projects. You'll see that these decentralized applications that interact with smart contracts most often on the Ethereum, Tron and EOS blockchains used to be robust and were getting many, many hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of activity daily. But recently, because of the spike up/spike down and just the sheer amount of volatility, you're seeing on Dappradar and a lot of these amalgamation sites that track the activity of all of these Dapps that things are starting to slow down. So that's a shame to see. And what you've seen in the recent months was that Dapps were hitting their stride!

They have an exchange for EOS, Chintai, which will enable you to buy a great deal of RAM, bandwidth, and all of the necessary resources to interact with all these Dapps on a very inexpensive basis. And on Tron, it does get a little bit expensive because even if you do have the energy, you still will need some bandwidth to push the transactions through. So each time you interact with a contract, it will be one Tron or a little bit less. With Ethereum, each time you do, it's going to be a few cents, and if the blockchain is overloaded, then it's going to be a quarter or more. So depending on how fast you want to send something through it is the most volatile for transaction fees of the top 3 Dapp cryptos. As a solution, some companies make use of users sending over the crypto to their platform, so people will send over a few bucks worth of their crypto in a block and have it sit there while they're playing with it. And that way every time they do a game on the platform that they're not having to interact with the smart contract, which it gets expensive by quickly adding up.

So there are different ways to get around all those fees that build and build and build. And if you're burning a Tron a bet on dice, for example, then you're lowering your return on investment by a lot, unless you're a whale. 

There are still many "Div Hunters" that seek Dapps that will pay divs for their playing on the Dapp. They build up a Dapp's volume, and in exchange for this volume, these games will give you dividends or "Divs," that you can sell on Kiwidex, Trontrade, or whatever decentralized exchange platforms you use. These divs are yours to do what you want with although there are kind of sneaky ways that some Dapps are getting around that by no longer making the token relevant to the platform or threatening/locking down their token on an exchange. But once you have their divs, it's just like having an ERC-721 token where it's yours, and it's in your wallet, and you can add it to your Metamask and spend it as you please!

So hopefully the landscape for Dapps will rebound and we'll see something better coming on the horizon in the days to come because things are shaping up so well right now that it would be a shame for it to all disintegrate at this point, after all of the progress that's been made towards mass adoption to casual gamers and regular internet goers. 

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