Publish0x Is Going To the Moon - Are You Along For The Ride?

Publish0x Is Going To the Moon - Are You Along For The Ride?

By hashcash | hashcash | 29 Mar 2019

In the coming years Publish0x (read Publish) will soon be sitting on top of all the crypto powered blogging platforms. It’s time that you joined the family and found your niche on Publish0X. Read further to know why!

Let me mention some key words before I start writing in earnest.

  • Crypto Agnostic
  • Open Minded
  • Disruptive
  • Decentralized
  • Dooms Day Insurance


Publish0x is Crypto Agnostic

After using similar blogging platforms for some time now, I have come to the conclusion that most of these blogging platforms are to some extent held back by their own communities. There is no denying the fact that the strength of any good platform comes from its community but the existing nature of the crypto communities is a dual edged sword. Crypto communities are so connected to their own intrinsic coin/token that they can loose sight of the bigger picture. This means that on one hand it’s the community that powers the platform but on the other hand these very same groups can become narrow minded in their views. For some people it becomes a taboo to even mention other platforms on theirs. There is a very good chance that a mention of publish0x on some of the other places that I blog can lead to negative reviews (not that it'll stop me 😉).

I do not see publish0x becoming biased towards any one token and the reason is very simple – Publish0x is crypto agnostic. Which implies that the platform itself doesn’t favor any one particular token and as a result it is not bound by the limitations of one single blockchain or coin. In the coming future other ERC20 tokens would be added to the list of coins that you can tip content creators with. The people who blog on publish0x would soon realize what a tremendous advantage this is.


Open Minded

The second biggest advantage that would come from being crypto agnostic is the fact that the people using the platform would be faithful to the development of the community at large rather than the development of a single token or a blockchain. It is very easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when the scope of your vision becomes narrow. No blockchain or coin is more important than the people themselves.

Sadly enough, one of my favorite blogging platform has become infected with close mindedness. It is becoming increasingly difficult to talk about anything else except a selected range of topics there. A lot of users are migrating to other platforms simply because they find the community there to be too restrictive.

On the other hand I see that new talented users are joining Publish0x and they all are coming here from older platforms (I know and have met a few of them!). This indicates that not only are we new but we are also more receptive to those who are different.  



We have taken decentralization for granted. It is not a magic wand and being decentralized doesn’t automatically makes something fair. Decentralized communities can only work if people find it advantageous and profitable. Although a lot of platforms like to call themselves decentralized but the truth is that decentralization only works if it is mutually beneficial to all parties involved. What I see on older platforms are clusters and small sub-groups that simply exist to reap the most profit for themselves.

There are two type of groups out there:

  • One group is decentralized in theory but centralized in practice. They started out as decentralized but short sighted decision making and bad actors have gradually led the community astray from the path to decentralization.
  • Other group is centralized on paper (due to being in beta phase) but the community itself is arranged in a manner that allows people to benefit from their own work. These are the groups that are on the path to becoming truly decentralized.

Publish0x is on the right track! ‘nough said….



The modern-day internet is purely based on making people work without paying them. Every click we make, every alphabet we type is being used directly or indirectly to profit somebody (there are plenty of people who still will argue with this and to them I politely ask that they open their eyes).

“I believe that my time is important so I will spend it at a place that would pay me for my time”

Publish0x embodies this notion perfectly. This means that not only do we get rewarded for creating and writing content but I also get paid for reading content. I believe that everybody will sooner or later come to the same realization and stop wasting their digital presence on websites that are not paying them something for their work.


Dooms Day Insurance

Remember how in the beginning I told you that Publich0x is crypto agnostic. As a consequence of this we are not bound to one single token. In the future we would have a choice from an array of tokens where we can use any one of them to give and receive tips.

Imagine if one of these tokens ever goes bust (This would be due to their own fault and not this platforms’), then its impact would be minimal on Publish0x. Reason being that we could simply use other tokens to monetize content and maintain liquidity.

Go Publish0x!

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