How Fishes Migrate Through The Seas?

How Fishes Migrate Through The Seas?

By hashcash | hashcash | 27 Mar 2019

Have you ever thought how these animals cover thousands and thousands of miles without getting lost….. well that’s nature for you. Although there is an explanation too and here it is:

Fishes migrate by Schooling or Shoaling. A social formation in which fishes move together as a group in the water is called shoaling.

A school of fish on the other hand follows a different mechanism. Each fish not only keeps the track of its immediate neighbors movement through the eye but also by sensing the change of water currents around them. This becomes possible due to a ‘lateral line’ structure of their specialized sensory system.

Please keep in mind that amongst the fishes, ‘schooling’ is different from ‘shoaling’. A school of fish is a skilled formation that fishes learn to adapt to better protect themselves from predators.

Here are a few categories of migration:

Feeding migration: After the food resources of one area of water are exhausted, the fishes migrate to waters that are richer in food sources.

Spawning migration: As the name suggests, this type of migrations is done at the time when fishes spawn. Typically they move away from the feeding waters and into more oxygen rich water.

Juvenile migration: This happens after the new fishes spawn and they move towards the feeding grounds of their species.

Seasonal migration: This mostly happens when fishes of Arctic and the Antarctic oceans move towards the warmer and food rich areas of Pacific and Atlantic during the winters.

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